Ray of Sunshine

by Simon

Little Osmo came into our lives as a tiny kitten - so small, so cuddly, so sweet. We'd acquired him for my son (16) who had -out of the blue - developed a mental illness. My son was recovering and Osmo provided a boost with (as pets do) unconditional love and an ability to make us all stop and watch him for hours. We were besotted with Osmo. My son called him 'buddy'.

Osmo's sudden loss - a car hit him - was traumatic enough but now I am grieving the loss of this lovely little ray of sunshine for my son. It's his loss that is hurting me most. It's awful that Osmo has died so traumatically and suddenly and breaking the news to my son was dreadful. We miss Osmo terribly already and I still can't believe that he is now buried and just...gone. It seems so unfair on my son.

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Jul 30, 2012
by: Sandy

I felt terribly hurt after reading about the loss of your / you son's fur baby OSMO. It is indeed sad to lose one's pet when they become the centre of our life giving us unconditional love. Kittens are really wonderful beings who entertain us with all their playful pranks.He must have left memories worth a lifetime. May God give you & son the strength to bear Osmo's loss. Now Osmo is in Gods Kingdom and is at Peace. I am still at loss after losing my kitten Poochie (Read write up Like a flash of lighning She came into my life) on 21/03/2012. Daily she appears in my dreams to console me. Not a single day passes without her mention. Pl take care and if possible after some time please adopt a stray/ homeless kitten who may be able to bring some cheer back into your lives. (Not comparable to OSMO)

Jul 29, 2012
Ray of Sunshine
by: Doreen U.K.

Simon I am so sorry for your loss of Osmo your son's pet. When one is mentally challenged pets can be a very welcome assett to one's life. Parents can become attached and feel the loss also. My son introduced his sister to 2 cockatiel birds. As mother I ended up doing the looking after these birds 2 became 11. I can tell you that this was the most rewarding experience I have ever had. My husband had lung cancer and I developed Asthma as these type of birds give off a fine dust that is like powder and not good for the lungs. I eventually had to give them away to someone who had the facilities of an indoor and outdoor aviary. Keeping them in a cage in the house was not working. We lost a few birds along the way. This was so very painfull. As a mature woman it broke my heart. I don't want to go through this pain again. I now look after the garden birds instead. Having these birds allowed me to not only have a distraction from living with cancer, but it gave me a new experience that will last forever. No new pet can ever make up for losing Osmo. But it is worth a try to re-engage the thought of having another pet which will give you all new memories to treasure.

Jul 29, 2012
Rainbow Bridge
by: Anonymous

Osmo is in Rainbow Bridge waiting for your son. It's a place where pets go to wait until their owners can collect them - a beautiful place. I hope your son is left with lovely memories when the pain has lessened in time. Take care and stay strong. A friend also in pain with the loss of her wonderful Dad. x

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