Reality slaps me again

by noemi rodriguez
(desert hot springs california)

Hello my names noemi, I'm 15 years old & here's my story. My mom recently passed of a drug overdose 7 months ago on december 11, 2011 one day before my dads 3year death anniversury.
I was born and raised in east la & my mom was the only person who ment a lot to me. My mom & I used to sleep in the same bed cuz she didn't like sleeping alone after my dad died,
Waking up at night and not feeling her is the worst feeling I get. Not being able to hug or kiss her goodbye is just something no one should go thro.
Life is realy hard, I didn't only loss my mom I lost my friend also in this long journey called life.
I lost my self . Sleepign was my answer to mostly everything . I shut the world and I felt good but then I realized that's whut my mom used to do after my dad died.
Its differnt not having the freedom I used to have and its hard when ur having fun & then reality slaps u across the face !
I cried my self to sleep & sometimes I still do but all I know is that I miss her so muc & their is no words to descride how much I miss her and need her espically in high school and my teen years !
She's not gonna be their for my prom but
God does stuff for reason so I'm just trusting him and pray that my mom is in a better place.
I say when reality slaps u, get up and prove it wrong...
-thank u <3

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Jul 16, 2012
Reality slaps me again
by: Doreen U.K.

Noemi I am sorry for the loss of your mum and also your dad 3 years ago. You are so very young to face this tragedy. Do you have any other relatives that can support you and look out for you at this time? You need to put people in your life. They won't replace what you have lost. They will create an atmosphere for you to SURVIVE your grief. You are young. Your life will feel empty and lonely for some time. Even if you have people around you. This emptiness and lonliness comes from losing someone significant and loving in your life. These feeling come from your core being. deep in your soul that needs to be healed. This happens one day at a time.
Your mother probably couldn't handle the loss of your dad and so keeping her feelings locked up inside perhaps took too much pain killers to soother her pain. You can even try grief counselling for the support you need. Keep a journal and write out your feelings and memories. You will be able to look back and see how far you have come in your grief journey. You are not ALONE. We all recover at different paces. You will know when your grief is getting less. You need to be cared for in many ways and I hope that this will happen. You will feel abandoned now after losing both your parents. Just make sure you are not abandoned by having no one in your life from now on to care for you. I wish you better days ahead. You will recover one day at a time. You will go on to have a happier life in time. You will get your life back again and be a stronger person from having to go through so much in your young life. I wish you every success in life.

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