Regret abortion

by Ash

When I found out I was pregnant I was 19, I had been with my boyfriend for about 4 months. We both were on low income and just started our new jobs and started living our lives. Me and my boyfriend started arguing and our friends got involved there was lots of tears and fights . Everyone said abortion was the best idea for all of us. I don't think I was ever sure about having the abortion and time was running out. Now that I've had the abortion I regret it so much I want my little baby back and I will never forgive myself. My life would have not been ruined if I kept the baby. I wish I could go back and change my mind

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Jun 07, 2014
Regret abortion
by: Doreen UK

Ash there is nothing more painful than making the wrong decision that caused a death.
The only mistake you should regret is listening to other people. When in doubt. DO NOTHING. Many people even friends can talk us into doing something that we don't feel comfortable doing, or feel indecisive about. You should have gone and talked things over with a professionally trained counsellor. They usually give a patient this service so that they can make an informed choice, with guidance, weighing up all their options. Many of these counsellors are attached to the abortion clinics. You are young and perhaps were confused and with no proper support from your partner and friends you made a decision based on their input.
What you can do now is go and see a grief counsellor so that you can work out your feelings and guilt in a controlled and Private confidential environment with a trained professional who will be skilled and support you in the way you need this. You will then be able to eventually FORGIVE YOURSELF. Just tell God that you are sorry you took the life he created out of ignorance and wrong advice and you now regret this. God will FORGIVE YOU and help you to forgive yourself. Otherwise this guilt will ruin your life. God can even take our guilt away when we repent of what we did wrong. Now isn't this a blessing. you don't have to suffer for what you did. You can turn your life around and make better choices and decisions. People can influence us in many ways. Some for good and some not good. Find confidence in yourself that will allow you to not rely on other people to make a decision for you. It will also help you to mature. Often when we are not mature we can also make the wrong decisions.

Jun 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

Ash-I don't know you and I am very sorry for the pain you are suffering. I know you must be reliving your decision over and over in your mind. I am truly sorry that you did not have enough time to think about your decision. Life is very hard and it sounds like you yourself were struggling to make ends meet. I lost a child myself (a grown daughter) and I also had an abortion many, many years ago. I sometimes wonder if God is punishing me for that choice I made but I honestly don't believe so. I wish we could turn back time and get a 'Do Over' but we can't as you know. As hard as it is-Try and not blame yourself and know you are only human. None of us are perfect. I hope one day when life is going in a better direction for you and you meet the right man you will have the opportunity to start a family. I will keep you in my prayers. You should look into a support group. Hang in there honey.

God Bless You.

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