Response to Sandi Morgan/My cat Mister

by Lee
(WV via WI)

You sure chose the right place to find an understanding reader. My sincere condolences on the loss of your dear friend Charlie. I lost my best friend Mister 2 years ago. Mister was also 13. He was a Siamese/Persian mix and he loved me as much as I loved him. He talked to me, gave me kisses and told me when it was time to go to bed. I completely understand what you are saying. He was ill and I told him "When you can't take it anymore, you just tell me and we will let you go." A couple of nights later, I heard him call out for me. The sound was different. I knew. I looked at my husband and he already had tears in his eyes. He knew, too. Mister was calling us downstairs. It was time to go. My husband and I laid on the floor by that darned cat and sobbed like babies. The next morning we took him to the vet. As he went to sleep, he stared at me with complete love in his beautiful eyes. My husband and I sat in the car for close to 15 minutes crying before we were fit to drive. We both took time off work. It was a full week before we could mention him at all and months before we could mention him without me crying. It was this full 2 years before I could mention him without tearing up, and sometimes I still do. I cried more over my Mister than I did my own mom. So, I guess that means that you are either not crazy or we are both crazy. Since I know of others that are this attached to their "babies", I'm guessing we are OK, more animals should be so loved and more people should be so blessed.

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