Rest in Peace Dodger

by Kelly
(London, Ontario, Canada)

My Baby

My Baby

My Baby

I got Dodger back in June of 1995 from a friend, he was really skittish, shy, and took off when any friends came over that's were the name dodger came from, he was the only kitten at the time that Munch my other cat took to, this went on for awhile Dodger was the 5th cat all the others Munch ran under the bed and growled hissed but not Dodge.

Over the years the 2 became brothers even though from different litters always curled up together on the chair playing ect.

I noticed Dodger going downhill at the beginning of November He was breathing heavily laboured breathing, and was losing weight, I took him to the vet they couldn't find anything wrong with him with the exam, they wanted to do X-Rays, Ultrasound, urinalysis. I didn't have the money to pay for all these diagnostic fees which was going to be upwards of 600-700, I did buy the prednisalone 5mg 10 days which didn't do anything and he was getting thin, trying to eat or acting like he wanted to eat. Anyway on November 16th the vet called and I made a decision to have him euthanized on the 19th this past Monday. I am just grief ridden crying a lot, mad that I didn't have the funds to do these tests thinking it could have been something minor and I had him euthanized, when I went into the vet they were saying he was emaciated and thought it was a tumor on the inside or Heart Failure by the way he wasted away 10 days after being at the vet initially.

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Dec 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

Do not beat yourself up about not having the funds to treat your kitty. I paid all the fees for my little four month old, and still lost her. Sometimes medicine cannot save them or us. Just be glad that Dodger had a loving home as long as he did.

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