Rest In Peace Grandpa.(:

by Sarina Adriana

My Grandpa Was A Very Important Person To Me. And My Family, He Helped My Mom And My Family, With Everything. And When I Was Born, He Called Me His. So,I Feel This Was The Hardest For Me And My Grandma. I Remember The Morning He Passed Away,Thats One Day I Can't Seem To Forget. And I Know He's Always Going To Be Engraved In My Heart. Theres Never A Minute I Don't Think Of Him. This Small Town Knows Him As The Nicest man Ever. And I Know Everyone Loved Him Cause Of His Funnyness, And There's Never a Moment I'll ForgetOf When He'd make Me Smile. And That Day he Passed Away, I Felt My Heart Fall. And Break. He Was The One I Thought Would Be Here Forever. But Maybe It's Because I Thought He Was Just The Strongest Person I Know. I Know Things Will get Better As The Days Go By.. But He Will never Escape My heart. I Love To Picture Him Healthier, And At His Strongest In Heaven. And Praise Jesus He Was Here For Me. And I Always Have Dreams About Him. And I Just Know He Will Always Have Me WIth Him Forever. And I Want To Do Better For Myself, So I Can SHow Him That I Will never Give Up.. He Made Me Feel Strong Hearted To. And When I See His Grave Site. I Think Of Him Underground. But His Spirit In A Far Better Place Above The Heavens. And I Want To See Him Always Happy And Smiling And Healthier. And, If He's Doing Good I Want Him To See I'm Doing Good. So, I Want Him To Know That I Will Push For My Highest Dream. Because Weather, i Was Reading Him A Story, Or Singing Him A Song, Or Dancing In My Ballet Shoes. I Always Saw That Glare In His Eyes Telling me To Never Give Up. No Matter How Old I Am. Or No Matter How Badley im Struggeling. Even Though I'd Give Anything To See Him One More Time. I'm Happy Knowing he Lived Into His Well 70's And He Never Gave Up On Anything. I Want Him To Know I Will Try My hardest To. I Want my Grand children to love me like I Loved Him. I Will never Loose That Strong Connection With My Grandpa. I Will Always Have In My Memories. And In My Heart. I Love You Grandma , And You Deserve To Rest In Peace.

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