riches to rags and lonely

by tracey

Eighteen months ago, me and my children caught my ex partner of almost 11 years in bed with my best friend. It was at her house,I instantly jumped out my car and banged on her door shouting at them. After the blinds twitched a few times she came out in her housecoat and laughed said F+++ off, hes mine now...and kept laughing. I couldnt do anything as my 8 year old was screaming and trying to run away ,so obv had to keep her by the car,my other daughter was just sitting with tears running down her face. He eventually came out,said 'this is all your fault' to me quietly. i got in my car, reversed into his on purpose,and drove as fast as i could away.
me and the children just left , never really got much ,few days worth clothes and the animals from house. we stayed at a friends house, who we had to cook,clean and babysit for her letting us stay. It was awful. he had sent police next day to charge me for shouting 'whore' to her. I just cried and cried.
I partied for 3 months, i found being wasted took the vision of them together away. Me and children stayed from one homeless place to another, he took my car off me so couldnt work,as where they went to school, the buses were few and far between. (we lived in a baronial mansion when we were together, had the cars,lifestyle,etc).
I still cry everyday, when im driving i want something to run into me to take away this pain. my children now go to boarding school, so am all alone,every night after work , i cant stop texting him for silly things,he barely answers anyways( he left this other woman in august),when he has had a drink he texts me saying silly things and am i jealous,but when not, he ignores me. I cant move on at all. I have always seen myself with him, now i still pray either to die or god to let me have him back.
please help

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Dec 22, 2011
Let me throw some cold water in your face
by: Anonymous

I don't want you to think for one minute that I don't know what you are going through. I do. I have known your pain three times in my life. First with a husband, then with the love of my life, and lastly with one I chose because I thought he was a "safe guy." Yep, took me three times to figure out I was searching for fulfillment outside of myself. Once I started to know and believe I was worthy of "right love" the kind that respects, honors, and is faithful, I have never been happier. You owe it to your daughters to stop chasing this loser. Do you know kids learn more by watching us than any other way. Do you really want to teach them that a man can disrespect them, cheat on them, and trash them and still be worthy of "their love?" Forget your outer beauty, how do you look and feel inside? Does he make you feel less than you are? You don't need him. You may struggle to have the "things" of life. I did. But God will provide, that is a certainty. I guarantee you when you vow to live well, without hatred towards him and in forgiveness you will have the greatest joy and all things will be yours for the asking.

Here is the plan. He does not exist. Lose all memory of his number or whereabouts. Think of every foul thing he has done to you, cry, grieve and know that you did not deserve it. What he did he chose to do, you did not make him. Take the responsibility that you chose the wrong man and it don't make you a bad person. We all make mistakes. Don't compound them by acting like this man is something of value to your life because he is not. Please go on with your life. Get in touch with you and love you and please let God demonstrate his love to you by leaning on him through this trying time of your life. Don't look for another man either, take the time to heal first. When that man comes along, and I promise you he will, make sure he values you.

You will be just fine if you allow yourself to believe in you and your worth that is assigned to you by the Most High God that created you.

Prayer changes things. Faith makes things happen.

Dec 09, 2011
:) Smile
by: Anonymous

to be honest you need to get over him and worry about your children, you are wasting there beautiful years with them. He does not love you if he was with another women. You are too pretty and strong to deal with all this bullshit. Do not let alcohol be your savior here, because it will only make matter worse. I myself am going through a breakup, but i am going to women up and let him go. We are too good for them , there are other men who are better and who will make you feel better than him. With all your crying and texting him he know he got you, and can do anything he wants with you forget that man, do it for you and your children.

Dec 04, 2011
Re. riches to rags
by: Joanne

Hi when I read our story my heart broke for you.I am 46 with three kids and have had every relationship possible. I am single and have been for ten years thats not to say I have not had a bootie call or two along the way hee he he. I look at you and think very atractive and like me you have always had someone in your life. I listen to you and I hear that you are grieving. Much like a death. You really have to go through all the stages. Death being finial and a relationship he is putting all his attention into another women.It was not about him loving your best friend he just did not know how to end it. And she the slut, saw the cracks and drove him to do this faster.I feel for you but I also no that you will never get over this. But like a death I believe and promise you that you will get use to the fact it happened. You look young have you ever been on your own? another thing your kids are watching very closely and they hear and see everything you have to teach your girl how to get back up brush off your knees and show the kids that life goes on. And it does honey. Please understand that money is not everything I once lived for it too and it did not make me any happier. In fact I went back to school became a beauty therapist and then a hair dresser and then into Uni and now studing Psychology. I started to feel that I was worth more I now have my own business but I just want to learn more more and more work on you. And pray that your darling daughter never feels that helpless and that your son would never treat a women like that. Get up make your bed put your clothes on and look fantastic all the time and if that is all you can do for the day that is enough. Work on you and be strong for the children because life is about Joy moments, of joy, happness well thats joy. And they come and they go. last but not least remember when you fell in love harness those amazing feelings and walk around like you are in love and watch how things will change around you. It is an amazing. The strength you will find and men are attracted to women who are in love weird hey. When you pass a man anywhere do not put your head down lift it up and look him in the eyes and as you pass and watch them look away take back control to it sound like you gave it away. Good luck take it easy this is me email if you ever want to talk. Joanne a friend.

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