RIP my baby harry.

by Amanda
(Hartlepool, United Kingdom)

My dad traded furniture when i was a child and swapped a wardrobe in some lady's flat for a puppy called Hornet. i remember smiling when i was five, i hadn't had friends, brothers or sisters my age.

My father took him in the basket and brought him to the house and i remember being in such joy i followed and saw a dogs basket with him in it.

Hornet didn't respond to the name and it came quite clear he just didn't like it, my mother after two days, had had enough and renamed him harry. He responded immediately.

Back then in the late 90's we also had a cat bobby, i was too young and naive to say goodbye to bobby though. He ended up getting hit by a car in the ribs and i was too young to understand that goodbye...meant goodbye, months, prior when we had, had harry for over a year the two would play together and i remember them chasing each others tail in the garden. Seeing as harry couldn't visit his mother again and bobby was already 16 in human years they kept each other company until bobby died.

Harry was a spaniel crossed with a terrier of some sort so he was always going to be unique in my eyes. i remember throughout my childhood years..up until 15 that i cherished these years with him. As time goes by you can tell you're running out of time..but you embrace it. choose to let it slide from you're mind. and suddenly it's over..

Harry in his prime would chase the squirrels, i used to live in harlow, essex and i remember as a puppy we visited epping forest *massive place* and let him play around in the winter, first ever time he experienced snow. i think this was around 1997-1998. He had a fondness of snow, innocently enough he hated the rain unable to realise it was the same thing obviously just far colder.

I remember he was something i could confide in, it was like my own little world, i got bullied terribly as a child and this was a form of escapism i believe, and once my teen years began i was severely unlucky overcome by acne, i'd just confide in harry, stroked his head, back, soft furry strokes at the tummy. he was my lovely friend you know? i suppose non dog owners wouldn't really understand.. i just wanted a friend and he was all i had.

then the arguments began with my mother and father. after two years of stress it peaked to a violent..not known beforehand... existent side of my dad. mum had had enough by that point and divorced him. i had to pick up the pieces of schooling, depression and quite frankly failed my exams. by this point i was one year from leaving school and mum knew how much we both hated living in the place we lived by that point

ending up moving up north, mum found someone else who shes been with the past four years now. harry passed away on 31st december 2009. that day killed me the most and brought a lot of depression inside my heart. i overcame 8 months of year 11 and came out with GCSE's in a failing school against the odds.

i'm currently 17 and miss harry alot but it's not as painful as it once was. it does get better but sometimes i still cry at sleep at night about it.

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