RIP Warburton :) xx

by Zoe Maria Wright
(Nottingham, UK)

My Warburton :)

My Warburton :)

My grandma, or Momma, and I were so close, we had bread nicknames, yes after well known bakers! she ran me up on 29th January about somthing silly, I can't remember what it was 7pm and I was watching TBBT and I wasn't listening.

At 8pm, a family friend rang my mum because my Momma had fainted.

At 8:30pm, my Dad rang me up from her house and said she was going to hospital because she wouldn't wake up.

At 9pm, my Dad rang me again to tell me I needed to sit down.

At 9:03pm, he told me that my grandma was unresponsive and it wasn't looking good.

At 9:05pm, my world just kind of stopped.

I had to continue on, because I'm an acting student and I had a play at 12pm that day...

I went to college with a smile on my face.

A classmate asked me if I was ready for the performance and I said 'No. I didn't sleep last night." She asked why. And I said, for the first time out loud, "My grandma died".

That was it. I started shaking and crying hysterically and my legs buckled and I was in so much pain and it was horrible. But my classmates were AMAZING and my tutors were LOVELY and everyone understood and was nice and it was comforting.

I went back to her house, it was odd. Empty.

I went back the day after, some people were sorting out her finances, but the greatest bulk o my family were VULTURES. Sitting on my grandma's bed, stuffing RUBIES DOWN THEIR SWEATERS. Pulling her rings on their chubby, little fingers and pissing me off.

Because they didnt need to!
Because she was only just dead!
Because she was an amazing person, with quick wit who was liked by everyone and that deserved 3 days grace.

They fought over her jewellery, her money, they were chatting and laughing on the way there Momma, to your funeral- but I was good! I didn't turn around and slap them all in the face for you :) xx

Perhaps, I am being too harsh on them, because they lost you too and maybe the reason they were 'stealing' your stuff was because they wanted to keep a piece of you. They cleaned up and got stuff ready, because you lived in a council house and the house was needed urgently for a young, single mother or an elderly man.

And, maybe rather than writing passive-agressive letters to you, knowing 'they (you know who they are)' will read it and will be pissed off, I ought to put some Monty Python on and sing along with "Always look on the bright side of life". I'm in a play in May Momma, so you best come(Angels are free!) that was sooo cheesy only Little Cob says stuff like that! So yeah, you've gotta come because you missed Ui!! :P xx

See ya up there one day Warburton.

You're still amazing and I'm loosing me weight in your memory!!!! :D xx

Love ya lots & lots like jelly tots and twice as much as vodka shots :),

Hovis xx

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