RIP-Olivia Jane whiteside x x

by Chloe-Louise Mcguigan
(Blackburn, Lancashire, England, uk)

Well it was the 27th, Jully 2006.
We was on the street and our street was only a small one but big enough to fit us on. Olivia went home to get a doll, because we all wanted to play with them, she went across this road it was never busy every now and again a car or two would go down it. Olivia came out her house with a doll and as she came to cross the road a big black range rover came speeding at her knocked her flying in the air and she landed on the corner. The man in the car carried on driving and left Olivia led there bleeding and struggling to catch her breath. Without hesitating I ran straight up to her to see if she was okay everyone else came running out of their house and a little woman came out and phones the ambulance. I got told to leave her side. I said "I want to stay, is she okay?" and I asked the little woman if she was alive and she looked at me and cried "I don't know". The ambulance came and asked everyone to come away from her body. I wasnt even aloud to say good bye, then I saw her getting put into a big green bag and said to my friends mum "what are they doing to her?" she cried and said "the angels have came to get her now, it's time for her to go." They put her in the ambulance and took her away and that was the last time I got to see Olivia. Now every night when I sleep thats all I dream about, it is six years today she was taken from us and it kills me to know I watched a person so close and so young die right I front of my eyes. I miss her so much I was so young aswell to see all that happen I was the only one that saw it and it was horrible:-( I love you Olivia Jane whiteside :*
Lots and lots of love chloe-Louise Mcguigan x x x x x x

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Jul 27, 2012
A hug for you!
by: phyllis Pickett

Your story made me cry, what a heart breaking thing to happen, you little girls playing dolls & this happened, Life is so hard sometimes, you had to live with this all your life, so sad, God bless you, I lost my youngest son at Christmas 2011 & I still can hardley stand it, I miss him so, we will be with them in Heaven, but it is so hard now, hugs to you!

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