by Marlene
(culver IN)

First of all Im sorry for all your losses are heart has been ripped out. We all were blessed with our children but only for a moment.Which is unbearable at times . There is no easy way to get thru this I agree everyones grief is different and how we try to handle this part of life which has been thrown upon us. I wish I could take all your pain away , but I cant . I have went to some grief sites but I felt worse when I did . Some people think death has to be pc correct. That horrified me sometimes people need to express their feelings and need someone to listen and not judge .My son Rob was in a motorcycle accident May 14 2011 . He passed May 16 2011 They have on record May 15 2011 just say we will leave it like that . It was a total nightmare from the call and still now . His accident happened 631 pm az time.We live in In.No flights out till Sat 531 am , but I realize at times I was there when he was brought into this world and I got to be there when He was taken . Im sorry some of you didnt. I hope I dont offend any of you with that statement . I dont want to cause any of you anymore grief than what you are going thru already as I found out with my experience with the grief sites. Hopefully yours was better. You need to do what you have to to try and deal with the grief . No we will never be the same. Death and grief are an unwelcomed visitors.I am grateful for some of the people who have been put in my life when I want to talk about my wonderful son or about the awful events leading up to his passing . No it doesnt change things but it helps at times and they havent experienced this awfullness of losing a child .He was a wonderful son 32 yrs young . Im not trying to defer anyone from grief sites I hope it helps you or whatever you have to do . Take one day at a time . I pray you get some good moments and your heartache is lessened at times.I have come to realize a tragedy or to will reveal the quality of people that surrounds us. I am not comfortable with all these different feelings but I will have to press on I dont want to be an angry bitter person in this life . I want to be as my son was forgiving a good friend honest and caring .

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Jan 30, 2012
by: Zoe

The thing about this site you will find is that you can say what you feel. We all are under the same pain. I am Widow, you have lost a child, one pain is not greater than another. This site, does it best because first it allows us to give form to our pain. Then, slowly, eventually, you will see something written and you will reach out through the veil of your own pain, and try to touch another with a loss. That is part of healing. But this place, it has saved us. it saved my life.
So come as often as you want. Say what you need to say, and know we are hear, we understand.

and when it gets too much

One Breath, one step one day at a time

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