Robert Benjamin Imhoff 1996-2006

by Ivannia
(Navasota, TX)

Robert Benjamin Imhoff

Robert Benjamin Imhoff

Robert Benjamin Imhoff, 10, of Navasota, died Tuesday, May 30 in Navasota. He was born on March 5, 1996, in College Station, Texas, son of Scott A. Imhoff & Ivannia B Imhoff.

Robert just finished the fourth grade and was headed to fifth and was on the Honor Roll every six weeks. He always wore a big smile. His favorite activities were swimming, watching our favorite romantic comedy movies & playing his video games on his playstation and X-Box with his father Scott.

They had a bond that is rare. He had been raising his son for quite a while all by himself, therefore there was a bond that called for them not just to be "Father & Son" but most importantly they were best friends, with so much love between them, it's hard to explain. It was always almost as they were one human being...very much alike, very smart and a very loving pair!!!

Robert had a lot of respect for his family... everything he did or said, was the way Scott had been taught as a child. Respectful, understanding and loved by all. Also a real HUGE part of his life was his miniature schnauzer, Diamond, who misses him sooo much! She sits at the foot of once his bedroom door, and waits for him. She stares right through that door, very calm, very easy about it....She hasn't been quite the same since May 30th. She always watched him as he slept, always played with him, always by his side!! They were one of a kind those two!

For more information on Robert and his life, click on Scott & Iva Imhoff's Bio.

He is survived by his parents: Scott A. & Ivannia Imhoff & of Navasota. Sister: Vanessa Marie Imhoff of Navasota; grandparents: Alice Moody Imhoff of Navasota, Frank and Sherry Imhoff of Willis, Yami Denegron of Navasota, Amelia McClosky Imhoff of Willis; great-grandfather: Morris Weaver of Navasota; an abundance & numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, schoolmates and friends.

Robert was killed by a commercial driver hung over on crack-cocaine. An eighteen wheeler struck them as it jackknifed across the highway. Our little boy & his uncle were killed instantly only 3 miles away from our home.

Since the small age of 2 yrs old, Scott knew the decision he would have to make, would be one to benefit only his son. He endured a very bad marriage, however he never left his son's side. He stayed until he knew it was the right time; a judge here in Grimes County granted primary conservatorship custody to Scott. Five months after his ex walked out on both of them, (she signed a waiver & left them both); I met a single father with a beautiful son, sweet as could be! We became very close very fast and I decided not only did I love this man completely, but this small child needed a mother who would love him and never leave him again.

At 6 yrs old, he gave me away as he stood between the both of us holding our hands as he was also Scott's best man. That's how special Robert was. Always very happy and very understanding of the concept of "Unconditional Love".

He was our world. Our family, always together under the same roof, laughing, watching our favorite shows. His daddy and Robert always enjoyed playing their video games and our long weekends staying up together watching our favorite shows! Everything we did, we did for our son. Robert was and always will be OUR WORLD! It's very hard having him gone, and we would like to thank our WONDERFUL SUPPORT NETWORK of family members and the best of friends. Especially to Devon Alvarez @ Find a Grave!! MERE WORDS CAN'T BEGIN TO EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE & Even though we are grieving with pain and sorrow, we all know we are in your endless prayers. WE THANK YOU! IN OUR BEAUTIFUL SON'S MEMORY! Iva & Scott Imhoff.

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Dec 12, 2014
by: Ihtisham ul Hassan

Your son is very beautiful and he loved you very much and you love him very much... He was your Happiness and he was you Love and he was everything for you. He was the only son.
you her was very good upbringing and you taught him always good, You taught him a lot....
I Pray daily that God will Bless you Son Kingdom of Heaven high and your Son's always happy in heaven.

Aug 18, 2010
missing you!
by: Iva

oh baby.... i have been missing you so much lately. It has been a terribly tough time for me here in the last few weeks. i don't know what it is, but i see and hear all of these kids with their parents getting ready for another school year and it just brakes my heart into a million peaces. You would be getting ready for high school. HIGH SCHOOL! wow.... your future would have looked soooo bright because of your kindness, love and respect for others. You would've excelled so much.... i'm sure you would have been following in your daddy's foot steps wanting to become a police officer, learn about the law and protect your citizens here in Navasota, your home town. So painful to think what could have been when all i have is just memories of what it was when you were here. BEAUTIFUL memories at that.... that i wouldn't trade for anything. you've meant so much to me.... and now without you i'm lost. i have no drive as far as my job and i have to focus so much on keeping an eye on your daddy which by the way, he is so at peace. Knowing our King had so much more installed for you. It's unbelievable to realize just how strong your father is. Stronger than i could ever be. Know that i love you always and think of you every single day. Your my baby, you always will be Robert. Always mine and your daddy's for ever.

Jun 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

Brenda, i am so sorry for your loss. It is the toughest things a mother can go through, and i feel your pain when you talk about your son not getting along with your husband. It is very tough to find a happy medium in situation such as ours... but you do know that he was still your son and he loved you completely and unconditionally!. His feeling towards him were between the both of them.

You should focus on the joy he brought you as your son. What you two shared because young or old they are always our babies. Feel free to talk whenever you feel the need. I have been through a lot with our loss. And even though i did not give birth to the precious son of mine, i always treated him as if i would have because after all, i did act as his mother. There are a lot of other situations that i will not make public out of respect for my baby boy, but there is a lot of hatred that i feel, and i'm sure that is all part of the pain/loss.

However, guilt is not a part of our world. And you should not blame yourself for those last ten years of his life either. You did the best you could and that love will carry him for an eternity. with love, Iva Imhoff.

Jun 16, 2010
Loss of Son
by: Brenda Mack

I am so sorry for the loss of your son Robert. He looked to be a very happy boy. I lost my son on May 21, 2010. My life will never be the same. My son gave me away 10 years ago when I married my second husband. Cody was 16 at the time. That age of the Rebel.

My husband did not get along well with my son and my son left to live with friends when he was 17. His life was so hard these last 10 years and I feel so guilty that I did not do more for him. I do not work and I get a small disability check so I could only give him small amounts of money and not that often. I should have been able to give my little rebel a home but if it were not for my new husband I would be living on the streets.

But I still feel like it is my fault that my son is dead. I hope I get over this feeling.
I am sure that Robert has met both my children that are in heaven. Randie has been in heaven since 72. She was only a day old. I know your son would like my Cody because Cody is so much fun to be around.

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