Rocky - such a cruel way to die...

by Jeri Sutton
(Franklin, TN)

Ahhh.... a beautiful day to lie on the porch.

Ahhh.... a beautiful day to lie on the porch.

Ahhh.... a beautiful day to lie on the porch.
I am SO not supposed to be up here!
The driveway is so warm!

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Back in 2002 my daughter and I wanted a male Siamese cat and picked out the name Rocky. However, the breeder had only one female kitten left and because we liked the name, she became Rocky. Rocky became my best friend, and her antics (not to mention her single-minded devotion to me) were legendary in my family. If she had her way, her life would be lived riding on my shoulder. In April 2011 two dogs running loose in my neighborhood attacked Rocky under the bushes next to my house and brutally and viciously killed her. (These dogs have killed at least 3 other cats in the area, yet the owner continues to let them run, so add anger and frustration to my grief.) All I have left of Rocky now is a small cedar box containing her ashes. Sometimes I think I will get over the loss, but days like today I feel like I'm going backwards. Oh God, I miss her so much! And I'm so angry at the dog owner...

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Sep 01, 2011
So sad
by: Tracy

Your story made me very sad. I too lost a dear friend, my Morris, who was very loved by my entire family. Morris was an unusual cat in an unusual family. We have not only cats, but dogs, rabbits and birds as well. (my son wants to be a vet) I have a so who is in the Marines and is overseas right now so we are taking care of his dog, a pit bull. I was very nervious as Morris my cat ruled our house, the only dog was outside. Morris was raised with dogs so that was not a proble, however I was scared of a pit bull. Turns out there was nothing to be scared of Baby (pit bull) loves cats in fact she saved a cat outside that a stray dog was trying to maul. She took off after the dog and now all the cats outside love her, in fact they come right up to her for her to 'kiss'. I hope that this experience does not make you hate all dogs because there are good ones out there. It is so sad that people do not control their animals especially when they know what they have done in the past. It is a very cruel way to die and I wish that you had a baby in your neighborhood to have helped your Rocky.

May 05, 2011
Sorry for your Loss
by: barbara

As you know this makes me sick and something NOBODY should have to go through.....what you don't know is growing up (maybe i did tell you this), that we only owned siamese cats - they are the smartest, independent and just wonderful pets. Hang in there....justice will be done.

May 05, 2011
Thank you...
by: Jeri

We filed a complaint with Animal Control and they have been watching for the dogs on their patrols. I live in Tennessee where there are leash laws, but the only way I can really hold the dog owner accountable is to take her to court, which I am seriously considering doing. I am also becoming friends with another woman in my neighborhood whose cat was also killed - while she watched! We both have rock solid cases, with witnesses. Thank you so much for your note, it means a lot to me.

May 05, 2011
Too Cruel
by: Judith

Jeri, I am a cat lover and have 4 cats. I have lost three in the past and I certainly know the heartbreak of what you're going through and hurt for you.

Please report the dogs to your local Animal control officer. And send a letter to the owner of the dogs telling them of their potential for a lawsuit being that they have hurt other animals in the past and done nothing to leash the dogs. I hope you live in a state where they have a leash law.

Anyway, I pray for your comfort.

May 05, 2011
my sincere sympathy
by: jeana..UK

Hello..My Sincere Sympathy on losing your beloved friend Rocky...How very sad this happened..Im sure those dogs will be brought to justice one day soon and destroyed! I love dogs ,but not vicious brutes!! I have a 10yr old cat,and I adore him, I hope he lives to a good age, and leaves this world peacefully..Ive just lost a 14yr old dog to cancer, and Im lost without him..he was my BEST friend in all the World!!
The pics of Rocky are lovely, so please remember her like this, laying in the sunshine, and curling up on your knee, anything to remember the good times,I wish you well, and the strength to get better and cope with your loss...My Prayers are with you..God Bless xxJeana England,UK

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