Rod - 39 years old

by Colleen

What to say about him. Granted he was my ex and I hadn't seen him in 18 months but that doesn't mean I felt nothing for him. I found out about his passing and my heart dropped. I have so many regrets - one being that we never had any closure. He had his own issues and I told him I'd never give up on him but ultimately I did. I never had a chance to have one last chat with him and have that closure. I did love him, may not have been "in love' with him but i did love him. He taught me a lot in those 8 months. We had a lot in common.... and I am going to miss him forever. Feb 14, 2012 he proposed to me and I accepted... Although we broke it off we still were engaged. RIP Rod

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Mar 15, 2015
Rod - 39 years old
by: Doreen UK

Coleen I am sorry for your loss of the man you loved and lost to an untimely death.
WE all have issues in life to deal with and often we have to separate for a while whilst someone we love works out their problems given time and space. WE can help some people some of the time but not all of the time lest we become contaminated by issues that can drag us down. WE have to establish boundaries also for our own protection. It looks very much like you did this whilst still loving the man you could not live with for a time.
You let him know that you believed in him and you loved him. This doesn't mean you were responsible in some way abandoning him to sort out his own issues. You are not responsible for giving up on him. You Didn't. He would have left with the knowledge that you believed in him and loved him. Often this is enough to help someone struggling with life issues. When we carry a person and don't have boundaries in place we can injure ourselves as a result. What you did by separating was establishing healthy boundaries which respected both of you in your different places of residence. We can love people from afar. It is not wrong if you were not in love with this man irrespective of still being engaged to him. You maintained this connection. YOU CARED. You need to release yourself of the guilt that you let him down. He did this himself which is why he could not re-unite with you. This is the nature of life. Some relationships can become unhealthy if endured for the wrong reasons because we don't want to let other's down. Not a good reason for staying with someone. You acted in a very mature and responsible way and should applaud yourself for this.

Feb 20, 2015
good person
by: Anonymous

you are a good person. Sorry for your loss.

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