Rooster saved my life

by Kimba Platt-Ewing
(Palomar Mountain, CA USA)

In 1995 I had already been in my addiction to drugs/alcohol for 26 years. I was living in a garage and the one female dog I was caring for had given birth to about 8 puppies. I have always had a heart for animals and God knew this. So while I was out and about the runt ended up outside of the pen he shared with his mom and siblings along with one of his sisters. I found his sister dead and when I finally found Rooster, he was ice cold and I thought he was dead. When I touched his head he could barely lift it but he was alive!! I grabbed him up and little did I know at that time that he would end up being my saving grace. I fought to keep him alive and he lived. I had him for almost a year when I was arrested for the last time. Rooster was put to sleep and I felt like I lost a child. The pain was physical. It felt like someone punched a hole in my chest and tore my heart out. The drugs had eliminated most of my feelings but my heart opened up for that little dog and when I got locked up there was nothing I could do for him because I was in jail with no friends or family to help me or Rooster. The pain was unbearable and I had nowhere to find solace until I looked up and understood God was there to help me get through it.

Because of that little dog, God was able to restore my children to me and He restored my relationships with everyone else in my family. I hadn't had any of that while I was on the streets living that drug lifestyle. God used that beautiful little spirit to get my attention so that my life would be saved. It has been 17 years since I lost Rooster and I still cry for him. He saved my life. I am crying while I write this story about my little hero. I have been clean for 17 years and I now help homeless men and women with drug/alcohol/mental health issues get off the streets and become self supporting citizens once again. I miss Rooster each and every day but I know that he was and still is my angel and my lifesaver. God used him to get my attention because nothing else was working. I will never forget Rooster and his love and trust for me.

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Apr 28, 2013
A true saviour - Rooster
by: Sandy

Feeling sorry on you losing Rooster while your were away but what touched me the most is about you still carrying his memories for seventeen years and crediting him for the turnaround in your life .It is a rare gesture. What a lucky soul Rooster was to have found a caring person in you . He must be happy in Rainbow bridge for the noble cause which you are working for. It is true that we are unable to come to terms with our fur babies death. Take cAre

Apr 26, 2013
Beautiful Rooster
by: Diane

What a beautiful tribute for such a beautiful soul! I'm happy you turned your life around, it would have been such a waste to lose you. But I'm so sorry it had to be at Rooster's expense. No one knows how bad it hurts, how shattered we really are until they go through the pain of losing one themselves. Please accept my condolences for your loss, even this much later, because obviously you carry him in your heart.You loved him and I'm sure he returned that love a hundred fold. No amount of guilt, no amount of tears will change anything, believe me, I know. Just know you had no way of knowing this would happen, it was a horrible tragedy.Please try to forgive yourself, he would not like to see you so unhappy. He's waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge!

Apr 25, 2013
Rooster saved my life
by: Doreen U.K.

Kimba THANK YOU! so much for sharing such a heart warming story from your experience of LOSS. I understand what you are saying. God put's people and animals in our life for a season and He Blesses Our Lives. He Rescues us from the Pit we are in and plants our feet on Higher Ground. God put a loving dog in your life to give you life and help you find your way back into a Life He gave you. He rescued you from the path of destruction.
God has not Blessed you with a MINISTRY to other people through your tragedies in life. We do learn a lot from our losses and our trials and tribulations in life. To Bless others and help them also find their way back into life from the pit. God Bless You and continue to Bless you each day in Life. God Bless your Ministry to others. I am sorry for your loss of Rooster.

Apr 25, 2013
You and Rooster Awesome Pair
by: Anonymous

I just love to read stories like this because i know there are others out there like myself who are put here for a reason; to help those who cant help themselves; whether it be rooster or people. You are a deserving person and I applaud you. Congrats on your sobriety.

Apr 25, 2013
Proud of you!
by: SoSadDad

Amen. I don't know you, but I am very proud of you for overcoming the terrible diseases of addiction. I also love animals, and I can see how you must have felt, so helpless as Rooster faced tragedy. You have beaten the odds, being clean for so many years. My girls were not so lucky. Maybe that's why it is so heartening to hear your story, and why I'm so happy that you were able to turn your life around. God bless you!

Apr 25, 2013
Dear Kimba
by: Judith in California

Kimba, what a sad and enlightening story. Thank you for sharing it. I'm so glad you found God and turned your life around. Rooster would be so proud of you. God does work in mysterious ways doesn't He. We just have to be open to him. May He continue to bless your life as you help others. Rooster is looking down on you too.

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