by Dylan

Not even 24 hours ago I lost my best friend, Rufus. We let him outside to pee; he went down the steps and fell over. We hadn't known it yet but he had a seizure. We took him to a vet and figured out he was in the late stage of congestive heart failure. I have known Rufus for almost 9 years. In fact, next week would have been his 9th birthday. He was my best friend for all of those years. We didn't want to make him suffer so we had him put to sleep. To watch your pet die right in front of beyond words. I will never forget the momentnwhen the vet said "He's gone." Watching him as the vet walked out of the room with him. His eyes open as if he were still alive. I never got the chance to say goodbye. I often feel as though I could have done something to help him. What if he were to think we did it because we hated him? It kills me to even think about it. R.I.P Rufus. August 03 - August 12

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Sep 28, 2012
been there
by: laura

so sorry for your loss. My boxer was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, and suffered the same seizures in the beginning. we put him on heart meds and he was doing well for a month. Aug 21,2012 while we were at work, Zeus suffered a major stroke,and suffered 5 hours before we came home. Good thing that my mother in law was there with him. i believe that he waited for us to come home to say goodbye. We had to put him down, and was one of the hardest things we ever had to do.

I hope you heal. They are the biggest parts of our lives, and we will never forget them.

Take care.

Aug 07, 2012
by: Doreen U.K.

Dylan sorry for your loss of your dog Rufus. Your best friend and partner. Our pets bring such love and joy into our lives, we build up a beautiful relationship with them and just when we are enjoying them they are gone so quickly.
I have had pet birds and know this loss only too well. It hurts. It must have been awfull knowing Rufus had gone to sleep and was never going to wake up. There was probably nothing you could have done to prolong his life, and he wouldn't think you had him put down because you hated him. He is asleep and doesn't know what you know. Focus on the love you showered him with every day. Your care, your affection. Sadly diseases happen. My sister had the same experience as you. She couldn't bare to stay in the room when the vet put her cat down. She then got a Westie dog. He is so beautiful and such a joy to her. Sadly after 9 years he is dying slowly. He can't see now. He has cancer. My sister is dreading the day when she loses him. She has bought 2 canaries on Sunday and this won't take the place of Dixie but it will ease her into the time when it comes to put Dixie down because he is suffering. We want the joy to last forever. But sadly we will keep losing pets and people from our lives. I hope that you will treasure the Rufus memories and put them to rest but also go on to make new memories with a new pet who will be different but also give you joy. In time we will all recover from grief and go on in life to gather what we can from each day that will Bless others. Be it new people or new pets. We have to continue the cycle of giving and receiving Love.

Aug 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

The close and loving relationship you had, and have still, with Rufus, assures me that he could trust the decision you made on his behalf in his best interests. i'm so sorry you feel you didn't have the chance you would have liked to say goodbye, that must be very painful and hard for you. I wonder if it might help both of you, if , when you are on a walk, or quietly in bed at night, to allow all these thoughts and feelings with a sense that it is a communication between the two of you. My dogs are both at the end of their lives and one is very ill...and I feel I must say goodbye to my best friends. It is very hard, and all that consoles me is that rather I die before them as they are so dependent on me, and for that I shall bare the pain. I am so sorry that you had to experience this separation in such an unexpected and painful way.

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