baby girl

by Tabby

My baby girl

My baby girl

My baby girl

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In April, it would have been 10 years since I went to the local shelter. I use to rescue dogs from the shelter to end up giving them away to proper homes. This day I didn't expect to adopt a dog as I didn't take any cash with me. I walked in to the kennel area. There she was, sitting and looking at me as to say "I am ready to go home now." I saw in the first kennel on my right a beautiful Aussie with a blue eye. I walked around to the outside of the kennels and there she was again on the outside. Just sitting there waiting for me. I left thinking about her. Needless to say, I went back and got me a 2 year old Aussie. I got her home and found out about her personality. She was so scared of everyone and everything. After a year and half she trusted everyone and was only scared of fireworks and thunder. She had done a complete 180 degree personality change. She would go up to strangers and greet them with her "knob" wagging. She followed me everywhere. I never needed a leash for her. Sable completely trusted me. she knew I would NEVER let anything happen to her. Sable was there for me through up and downs, ups and downs. She listened to me rant and rave, cry my tears of joy, cry my tears of pain. She never once was NOT there for me. But she is not here for me now. Almost 2 years ago I made a big move from Missouri to Alaska. She came along with me. I was so worried about her, making sure that she was on the plane with me. I would watch out the window to make sure she was loaded on the plane. On the last leg of the journey, I did not see her get loaded. I asked the stewartess if ALL dogs were on board. "I am sure they are", is the response I got. Once again I asked her if all dogs got on board before we left the gate. She asked the captin. He annoucced on the overhead, "All dogs are accounted for." I was so reliefed. Then winter 2010 when it snowed, she just played, jumped and rolled in the snow like she was a pup.
About a week before the holidays 2011, Sable started not eating or "acting" like herself. I knew then that she would not last much longer but I asked her to make it through the holidays. She did. I feel she made it through the holidays for me. Saturday, January 7th around 9 pm, she took her last breath. She was laying on my bed next to me where she always wanted to be.
I am so lost without her. I hurt so much. My heart doesn't feel like it has been ripped in two but in 2 million pieces. My husband tries his best to help me through this. But I hurt so much. I am thankful for the years and bond that I had with Sable. I believe she was my soulmate. I am also thankful that she passed of natural causes without pain and suffering. I hope that I can get passed this eventually.

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