Sad year

It started with my 12 year-old cat dying January 2012, my mom died in May 2012 from complications of a stroke and I was recovering as well as can be expected from the grief. My father in law had a massive stroke in November and passed away 2 weeks ago. This has renewed my grieving process for my mom and dad (dad passed away in 1999). Since my husband and his family are mourning his dad's passing, I feel very lonely with my grief.

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Feb 03, 2013
Sad year
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for all the losses in your life. Don't feel shut out by your husband grieving the loss of his father. Often men just have a different way of grieving and want to do this alone which would make a wife feel left out and alone. You can see a grief counsellor to help you with your own feelings of sadness at this time. Often when grieving we can perceive life more differently but when we do see a grief counsellor everything seems to be put in place and we can come out of the thinking we are in and start to feel better quickly. You will then see things in a different way and will also be able to be supportive to your husband in the way he needs. Just be there for him. Tell him you feel shut out by his grief and you want to share it with him. This may be all you need to say and just see what happens. If he draws you into his feelings and sorrow then this is what he wants. Don't read too much into this but seeing a grief counsellor or any counsellor does help us with our own feelings and I know that when I did this I lost my sensitivity in this area and my whole world changed and I was a much happier person from going into counselling to resolve my losses. WE all suffer LOSS of different kinds throughout our life and often it just piles up and when someone dies it triggers off all the other losses and we then become LOST in it all.

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