by Sam

I don't know if I have a right to be on this site or not but I feel I need some where to talk. I haven't experienced a death but I am going through the loss of someone I love very much.

He broke up with me a week before Christmas, the day we came back from a lovely weekend together. It was totally unexpected, as we had a deposit on a house together. I really thought he was the one.

I have two children and he was the only man I had let into their life since their dad 6 years ago. We got on so well, and I can't ever remember laughing so much and feeling so in tune with someone.

I miss him & love him so much but can't ever go back to that relationship, but my heart is still there. My friends don't want to know that I'm hurting, they are more focused on their anger towards him and think I'm better off. The others just don't want to know.

I apologize, I know my story is so trivial towards, others but the pain is so hard and prevalent and I don't see an end to it at the moment. I love him still but I am angry with him; also I just feel so lonely.

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Dec 18, 2010
I know how you feel
by: Todd

Please do not feel like you do not belong here..I just lost the most wonderful woman..due to the fact she has been damaged I fear beyond repair from a prior marriage. I wish I could blame her but she was always honest with me..she hates what she has done to me..doesn't help much.
We had made plans for a more.

I think the toughest part is wondering how the person you loved is still out there, but yet you can no longer have a relationship with them.

I fear I am doomed to grow old alone.

Perhaps I shouldn't be responding to you..wish I had words of encouragement..the future days look so daunting to me as i'm sure that is what you are feeling as well.

God Bless you Sam..praying we both recover.

Dec 13, 2009
You are one of us
by: Torrie

Sweetie, You are not Crazy and you have every right to miss him. Even long for him. I understand. Nobody would tell you that you are better off without an arm if it had been severed. He has left a hole in your heart that is bleeding and you just want it to feel whole again. Don't feel bad for that.

I was abandoned 14 years ago after a 14 year marriage. I was pregnant and had 3 small children. I had never had a real job in my life. I took him back because of the love and the pain. It lasted long enough to get pregnant again. This time I was left with 4 small children. You won't believe this but that time he literally ran off with a STRIPPER!

I have raised my 5 children by myself. I went to school, and I invested in my kids and in me. I have had many friends, and a few lovers, some great times, some scary times, and some sad times. But I am here, my children love me, and I am STRONG because of it. You are too. There are many wonderful things in store for you. You have to have faith and believe. Everything happens for a reason. I wish I was there to wrap my arms around you and give you support. Know that I am there in spirit. God bless you.

Oct 29, 2009
Sorry Don't Cut It
by: Anonymous

Wow... Reading your story put a knot in my throat and filled my eyes with tears. I don't have words to make you feel better... sorry just don't cut it. I'm going through the same ordeal...and I'm tired of feeling the pain. There are moments I want to give up! Sometimes it helps to watch a funny movie just to get me out of the dark hole I'm in. Good luck with everything.. may your spirits soar soon!!!


Sep 21, 2009
For you...
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry. It is frustrating when everyone is telling you that you are better off and that you should be happy that someone like that is out of your life, when you feel sadness and pain. You were expecting a future with him and out of nowhere he took that all away.

I'm going through something very similar....I don't have any advice to take away the pain, but I just want you to know that I've heard you...I understand your pain and just keep going. You can make it. Cry when you need to...feel the pain... and know that we here know how hard it is and are here for you.

Jun 09, 2009
Not trivial at all...
by: Anonymous

I relate 100%.. I lost the love of my life a month ago- The pain is intense, you feel so alone- so discarded.. I'm so sorry for your loss; I'm sorry for mine, too. I'm still trying to make sense of it. I feel so lost, so cast aside- I know it will get better, for both of us, for all of us who have been wronged- but it hurts so much, late at night, when all is quiet and the only breathing to be heard is your own..

Hugs to you =) Take care..

May 14, 2009
Not trivial
by: Anonymous

Your pain is not trivial. It is a part of you. You have lost someone very dear to you, and unexpectedly. I'm so sorry this happened to you, nothing anyone can say will make it better but just know that it won't always feel this bad. Again, I'm so sorry. I hope it gets better soon and that you find someone deserving of you and who can make you happy.

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