Saying goodbye to so many loved ones

In the past 4 and a half weeks I have lost my best friend, 4 family friends and now another close friend and her unborn child. My aunt was given two weeks to live today and my uncle was diagnosed with cancer last week. I feel like death is everywhere I turn. Why are so many of my loved ones leaving? I don't know how to handle it anymore and the grief is eating alive. I don't know how to get past any of this or accept any of these losses. I lost my brother a year and a half ago and it still breaks me apart every time I think of it...

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Feb 01, 2014
Saying goodbye to so many loved ones
by: Doreen UK

My heart goes out to you for the sheer enormous burden of grief you have to bear. It is so hard dealing with one death but more must be a burden too far. Often you wouldn't be able to grieve the loss of each individual person and this can all pile up on top of each other until the burden becomes too much to bear.
You could benefit greatly from good grief counselling support so you will have structured support to deal with each loss individually. Our family and friends give us our sense of identity and this could suffer greatly with too many losses. Death is all around us. I have never felt this before. People dying quicker, faster, and younger. Looking at my husband each day I would think "I don't know what I would do without him in my life" Cancer is all around us and we all know of at least one person who has it. Then suddenly I got to thinking of this disease and how I would cope if I had to deal with it first hand. I never thought five years ago I would get the worst news ever that my husband had one of the worst cancer's ever which was terminal. It was a devastating day and my world fell apart. I nursed him through this cancer journey for over 3yrs. and lost him 21 months ago. I still feel wounded by grief and asked God to please not take any more of my family. I just couldn't bear it. But I always feel vulnerable to loss now. Often one thinks "I can't cope with this burden of grief," but when you take one day at a time you find an inner strength from somewhere deep within that does find one coping with life again and moving forward. But this will come with a lot of sorrow. One doesn't move forward fast, or soon. It has to be DAILY. Just focus on TODAY and try and get through it by putting some nice things into each day to help lift the burden of grief. I ask God often to help carry this burden for me when it all gets too much to bear. Some people like yourself who loses so many people needs God to carry this burden for you otherwise you would feel as if you were being crushed by life. It is what we put into our life that will determine how we go on. Surround yourself with encouraging and hopeful family and friends. Focusing on at least one good thing out of our day will help build us up and make the journey of grief easier to bear. I am sorry for your losses and May God comfort you all and give you His Peace.

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