Scooter Doopers

by David

Scooter Doopers...I Love You

Scooter Doopers...I Love You

Scooter was a part of every piece of my life. I have no family or particularly close friends. My Scooter baby came into my life and none of that mattered anymore. She was a super bright light with an unrelenting spirit.

Scooter was laid to rest at the home we built togather. Her passing was very quick. She was dignosed with diabetes on the 30th of Sept, by Sunday night she was in a speciality clinic. She passed 26 hours later. They were never able to determine why she was not responding to the insulin.

Many do not understand why I am so distraught over her passing. I feel that this is because they really do not understand me. This is how my Scooter Baby and I became so close; she understood me. I know that I will get over this in time. It is just so hard not to have someone close to me that understands me and still loves me, like she did.

Our last hours togather was something special. I wrote an eulogy and the tale of our farewell. It has helped me by expressing this and maybe it can help someone else too.

My Very Best Friend,
Scooter Doopers

Some may have called you an animal, a pet, or a dog. I saw you as a special life like no other, I called you my friend; Scooter Doopers. We did not need names or words to express things to each other. We had something more somehow. You came into my life quietly, but you have had the biggest impact of anyone I have ever known.

We quickly started our relationship the first days of your life. You were so very full of life, that you could hardly contain it. It overflowed in every aspect of your being. At three days old without sight, you barked at me as I came out to you. We would tirelessly play together. And how you would not lap up your water like the others, you had to open your mouth and dip your snooper into it up to your eyeballs and snap and gulp at it. I loved how you could not contain yourself when I would come home, making your special yelps and jumping high into the air. If I came home and I was feeling tense or would become frustrated with something, you would not give in until I was calm again. Some may have seen you as aggressive sometimes, but I knew that it was just your enormous heart not being able to hold back. Your super sensitive feelings and how you expressed them relentlessly. You were always the best you could be and I love you.

There were thousands of great times we spent together; I hope that these were enough for you. We opened up our heart to each other and put everything on the line without fear. Our lives became so interlaced, and I am so happy to of had shared this experience. I always included you in all my thoughts and decisions. This is what makes our parting the most difficult, but I would not trade them for anything. What I feel now is the pain of our pleasures, and I embrace it as much as I did you.
I will always love you,

... .... ....

Our Farewell:

The call came late, I already knew what was to be said. I rushed to you, to bring you back home.

You were so calm. Seeing you without your light shining bright was so very hard, but I knew.

As we crossed the desert the road opened up for us. Lying by my side, as always, we traveled slowly and the drive, our last, seemed to linger somehow.

The night air was cool, and the moon shone brightly through the darkness. The clouds raced by across the sky in unusual patterns. It was like the whole universe knew that you had passed and that your spirit was being taken in. There was not a single sound to be heard, everything was completely still as the soil yielded.

I laid you down under the grass where we played so often; at the home you were born and we made. At 2:00 am on October 6th, 2009 I said my final goodbye to your body.

You were my closest companion, my dearest loving friend, and an integral part of my spirit. I will always love you and miss you.
Your Greatest Friend.

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Aug 19, 2010
by: Pam

David, I am still distraught 2 months after losing my love. No one can understand and it's almost unacceptable to feel sad "over a pet". I hear things like, "I thought you would be stronger by now". Like my heart will repair itself overnight.

Like you and Scooter, me and Bandit were our own little family. We adored each other - and your situation sounded just like mine. Bandit never asked for anything but I would give him everything. Like one of your comments read, my heart aches too for the future ahead without my boy.

I still can't leave my home and do anything that he and I would do - just too painful. I was surprised to read that you got another dog. I'm thrilled for the other dog but were you OK in this? I feel like if I got another dog and he touched Bandit's bears or toys, I would get upset or something!? Have you felt that at all?

Good luck to your new family and may Scooter always be in your heart.

Dec 10, 2009
Thanks Jerry --- Jim and Rene----
by: David

Thanks for your frinedship and the sincere feelings of hope you bring. You have been very helpful in my grief, knowing that someone else actually understands and appreciates the love that can be shared with our companions is inspiring. Scooter gave me enough love to keep me happy; without her I have had to reach out to complete strangers. When I felt completely alone you all offered a little light to focus on. Thank you -all, for being there when I needed you the most.

Nov 27, 2009
I'll meet you at the Bridge.
by: Jerry

Come, Sweet Scooter. We shall run free of pain together in peace. And when your people are sad, our spirits shall shine down upon them ... in the moon beams, on the starlight, and in the sun that glitters through the early morning dew.

Nov 03, 2009
Thanks Oscar and Tanya
by: David

Thanks to both of you for your thoughts. It has almost been a month and I still cry several times a day for my Scooter Girls. I have adopted an ACD pup from a rescue shelter and she is great. I named her Ariana and we are getting to know each other still.

I will never forget how special Scooter was to me and there is no way to ever replace her. I can only be thankful for the very special time we had together. It takes two to make love work and I hope to build the same close relationship with Ariana. Our loss pales to the great times we shared with our friends. Heres to our best friends; "We love you guys".

Sincerely, David

Oct 20, 2009
My thoughts are with you
by: Oscar P

Hi David,

Very emotional words. I know what you are going through. I also lost my Tobby a month ago, and I still feel this loss. I have another friend with us, Blacky, but I guess that we love each of them in a different way. Blacky, our black cocker spanial, has helped me a lot through this whole process, but yet reminds me every single day of Tobby. I don't know if they feel the loss too, but now Blacky waits for me every day at the door and knows when I am coming home. In the past Tobby was the one who noticed when I was parking the car, and now Blacky has taken over.

My prayers are with you and your beloved Scooter, only people who have gone through such hard times can imagine what we can go through.

I am not ashamed to admit that I still cry for Tobby, because even when I think of the great moments he gave me, I still think of the moments ahead without him, and it makes me sad, very sad. I hope you will find peace of mind soon, and may the memory of a great friend help your soul. It has helped mine just a little bit, but perhaps writing to others who are going through the same is what will help me the most!

Take care!
Oscar P.
Miami, FL

Oct 09, 2009
How blessed we are!
by: Tanya

I too lost a friend not long ago. I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful spirit and friend in my Max! She was a beautiful energy, full of life and taken way too soon. I hope you keep in mind that your loved one is with you all times now in death more than she could be with you in life.
Wishing you peace!

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