Scruffy or Velcro

by Margie Baker



Scruffy was 14 years old. He got the nickname of Velcro when he was very tiny and a friend of mine pick him up and said to one of my boys,"Do you know what is cool about cats?" My son said,"No, what?" "They stick like velcro." As he tossed the kitten at my son and all the little claws came out to hang on to a bare chest. Yep he stuck like velcro. I've had him since he was 8 weeks old. Well today October 22,2014 I had to put him down due to kidney failure. This was the hardest thing I've had to do. First it was our dog of 12 years old, two years ago now Scruffy. I feel so lost and every room I go into I look for him. I hope it gets better. All I want to do is cry. It's only been 7 hours but I miss him so much. He would talk to me all the time and he would get me up every morning at 4:30 for his breakfast. He was a great alarm clock. I feel like the life has been sucked out of me. The doctor told me due to his age there was nothing really we could do. So I did what I had to do. I sent him to Rainbow Bridge to meet up with my other pets. I'll be there someday to see them all. I miss him so very much. I know it will take a while but just to have someone say, "You'll be fine. And remember Scruffy is no longer in pain and will always love you." That is all I need to hear. My husband is okay but can't understand why I feel the way I do.
So I guess this is my story. Thanks for letting me write it out. That does help a bit.

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Oct 24, 2014
Scruffy or Velcro
by: Doreen UK

Margie I am so sorry for your loss of Scruffy and for your loss of your dog 2yrs. ago.
It is easier to accept hurts in the physical realm. You can take medication, you can have an operation. Pain killers to help. But there is nothing to take for grief. The only outlet is to cry and cry. This is where our healing comes from till the crying gets less and the healing process starts.
Being a woman and by nature the Nurturer you would feel the loss different to your husband. Somehow men have a resilience that can allow them to recover quicker than a women. Also by nature we cry more easily due to our emotional make up. WE are this way and nothing we can do about it but to embrace who we are and how we are by nature, more easily hurt. Men are deemed as strong and so many men can shrug off their emotional hurts more easily.
TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME. Build yourself up with good things e.g. pampering yourself. To help start the healing process. Keep a journal for Scruffy, your Dog, and any other pet you have and write all about your journey with them. All the good memories will be recorded forever and when you are feeling down this journal will pick you up.
Then when you are healing and hurt less. CONSIDER. Giving your love to another pet, to help you continue your journey here on earth. Why deprive yourself and another pet of LOVE and CARE, because you might lose them one day. This is inevitable as pets have a life span as do we humans. Best thing God did in creating pets for our Love and Pleasure. God Bless all those who give a pet a home and all the Love they can. May you be BLESSED FOREVER.
You will Heal and you will get your life back and you will be stronger. Hold another pet, or anything for that matter LOOSELY. Knowing you will loose them/it one day.
I learned a valuable lesson. I broke a precious dish that had sentimental value. I hurt so bad. God taught me then to hold things loosely because He could prize them from my hand anytime. Because everything BELONGS to Him the Creator.
I held my husband so tightly and would not let him go when dying of cancer. When I said to God O.K. If you can't heal my husband then take Him and release him from his pain and suffering. He died that day as soon as I released him back to God.
You will get your life back. You will recover from grief and be happy again.

Oct 23, 2014
by: Nadine

Margie, i can understand the way you feel. I had to have one of our cats put down a few years ago. I know how heartbreaking it is but sometimes it's all we know to do because we don't want our beloved pets to suffer. Our cat, Bandit, was injured outside when she was just a stray kitten. Someone shot her in the face with a bb gun and broke her jaw. She lost one eye and could never eat or clean herself properly. We took care of her for a year. When she deteriorated to the place she couldn't eat at all we had her put to sleep. I hope she wasn't suffering too much in the time we had her. She seemed ok, just more quiet than the others, but watching her try to eat was really hard. Anyway, my only solace is she is in a better place, healthy and happy at Rainbow Bridge. So is Scruffy. It will get better. It just takes time. Nadine

Oct 23, 2014
I understand
by: SoSadDad

Margie, I too have had to have a pet put to sleep, for a similar reason. It was the toughest thing I've had to do, at least up until then. I held Harriet in my arms as the Vet administered the drugs. I cried unashamedly at having to do that and lose Harriet, my dog and friend of so many years. It will hurt, but you will remember the happy times, and yes, Scruffy is no longer in pain. And since they don't communicate so well, we really don't know just how bad the pain might be. Be thankful for all the good times. And in time, there will be another Velcro that will stick to you for a long time.


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