Sean Patrick Cotter

by Carol , Seans mom
(Bellingham, mass)

Sean died on November 15,2011. He did not wake up for work and our nightmare started. It has been two months and the ache in my heart is as strong as ever. I struggle with the idea that some one I loved so much is just gone. I can never talk to him again. I have been spending a lot of time looking at pictures. His sisters created a in memory page on face book and his youngest sister created a blog. Everybody is just filled with sadness. Sean was a spirited young boy who grew into a more serious young adult. He was 24 when he died. Almost to the day he was with me half my life. I had just turned forty nine and had him when I was 24 and a half and he was 24 and a half when he left us. How do you try to have normal when some one who was a huge part of your world since 24. Some days I just daydream that he is still here and when it hits me that he is not the panic in my body is just unbelievable. I know that is grief. What a painful process grief is. I wish everyone out there that has lost a child hope and peace.

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Jan 22, 2012
I also feel the pain
by: Cathy

So sorry about Sean. I know the pain you feel is unbearable and you think it will never go away. I lost my beautiful daughter Stephanie on November 15th 2011. She took her own life after fighting a courageous battle with bipolar disorder for many years.The terrible depression became too much for her and now I have taken on that depression and know how she felt.I wake very morning like you feeling a sense of panic that she will not be coming back to me. To make it worse, her father passed away from cancer less than 2 weeks later so I did not even have him to console me.
We had lost a son to drugs in 1997 at the age of 26 and I thought i would die from that loss but somehow much later on I could manage to smile again. It will happen some day. Just try to remember the good things you shared with your son as I did and now am trying to do with my daughter.
Love and sympathy to you. You can have my phone number if you need to talk any time. Sean will never be forgotten.

Jan 21, 2012
Family of Sean
by: Anonymous

I can not believe it- I Lost my Oldest son Aaron 11/15/11 at age 22 in a preventable car accident.
I am sorry about your son.
every day it is so hard to just wake up and breathe. I have no Idea how we make it through

Jan 18, 2012
I know how you feel.
by: Glori

I lost my oldest son on 5/5/11. Motorcycle accident. He was 34..I was 20 when I had him. Have another son, 32 & a daughter that will be 28 on friday. He was our 1st born child. My husband & I have a hard time believing it is real...We expect him to walk in the door everyday. I know your pain. anyone who has not lost a child can comprehend the pain. we are supposed to go 1st. My heart hurts everyday. We miss him sooooo much. They say it gets easier with time. I don't know about that, just easier to deal with. You will think about him everyday. Wonder why???? But they are with us. I believe that. There is a heaven & they are watching over us always. Until we are with them again. If you let it happen, they will come to you in your dreams. My daughter has had some real contact with her brother through her dreams. The things that she tells me cannot be explained. It is real. He is there....seeing everything. I hope this helps. I still have a hard time not being selfish & wanting him here with me!!!He had so much love in his heart & so much life to live!! It is just not fair...

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