by Karen Larsen
(Rhode Island)

It has been two years since I lost my little Cookie. The pain is still with me. I feel her sometimes. I miss her all the time. I lit a candle this morning in memory of her, and the tears started to flow.
Nothing makes it easier on me.
Although she was ten, I did not personally have her for the full ten years. I was only lucky enough to have her for two. She was an amazing cat. She was playful and funny!! She was always licking me!!!
I still have on my phone on a video, and watch it every once in a while, and yes it does bring tears to my eyes. I will never give up this phone.
She wasn't sick for very long, but I knew the night she was going to die, I held her and kept her close. I told her how much I loved her and she purred to me.
I truly miss her so much. I don't believe she suffered much. But I wish I could take back some of the time I had with her and make it longer.
Alas, wishes sometimes do not come true.
I have moved on some what. But she is every where. I have her ashes on my bureau where I can see her every day. She is close by, and always in my heart.
I may have other animals in my life, but no other could compare to her.
My heart is still broken at this time, and I don't know if and when it ever will mend. All I know is that there will NEVER be another Cookie. I love her and miss her with all my heart.


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Jan 15, 2015
Feelings for cookie
by: Sandy

I can understand your feelings for Cookie as I myself cannot forget my Poochie whom I lost three years ago on March 2012. No day goes without thinking of her. They have given us immense love and affection during their short stay with us.Now since last four months another kitten came into my life and I am tending to it . But we cannot just forget our lost fur babies. I hope they are enjoying in rainbow bridge with their friends. Take care.

Jan 11, 2015
by: Marie

I understand your pain. I lost my Arne 6 months ago to a coyote that jumped my six foot wall and took his life. He was so special to me like your Cookie, I know he will be missed for as long as I live. I had him twelve wonderful years, he was the best pal I ever had in my life. I cry everyday for him. Please know there are people like you who love their animal friends as deeply as they love their human friends. You are not alone in your feelings. Every animal that comes into this world is unique and has his or her own personality and there will never be another Cookie or Arne. We love certain people and certain animals for what they are and their personalities . I feel blessed that Arne was my cat, I am like you and wish they were not taken from us. I will never understand this life and the pain we go through . I have added two kitties to my household since I lost Arne. It helps with the pain and helps me move away from my sorrow. Maybe you should think about adding a new fur ball to your home, there will never be another Cookie but their might be another buddy kitty you can fall in love with again. I just love a kitty that purrs. Just to let you know Arne's ashes are on my high dresser with his picture and collar is also there. We can't change anything but go on and try to be happy again. I believe we will see our beloved pets again when we go to our real home in HEAVEN . God Bless You

Jan 11, 2015
by: Doreen UK

Karen I am so sorry for your loss of Cookie and the grief that is still crushing you each day. None of us can ever replace the people and pets we have lost. But in time we will look back and find the healing take place from this grief journey we are on.
In life we all have people and pets who have
touched our lives in a very special way. WE want this experience to last forever and never end. I too wanted to stretch the time I had with my loved ones and pets when I lost them, and I found that life is never long enough to love the ones we have lost. The experiences we have will serve to make us stronger and be able to handle the many challenges and Adversity we face each day. Another day, another battle we face. We won't know what our loved one's were protected from, whereas we still have to live with this till we can find the peace we need to go on each day. Never knowing what adversity we face. All we can do is to make good times for ourselves so that we are able to inject some happiness into the life we now have to live without the one's we have loved and lost. You will never have another cookie. But you may have other's in your life that will make up for your sorrow and bring you joy each day to complete your journey here on earth. Cookie is at peace now. Try and find something in life that will bring you the Peace you need now.

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