seems like bad dream

by jeannie

i lost my mother, father, husband and three best friends in the past 3 years. sometimes it doesn't seem real. like a dream..a sad, terrible dream. I was there with my parents and husband and one of my friends. But I still cant get used to living without them. its surreal. I know they were here, I know they loved me and I love them. I have memories, lovely ones. But then theyre suddenly gone. My life changed in a heartbeat. How long does it take to get used to life without these people I love so much? I know now what the without end means. I will always love them. My grief is strong, but my love for them is stronger. I miss them indescribably, but I am so blessed to have had these remarkable people who loved me unconditionally. I need them to come back, I miss them so much. Where did they go? do they know im still here and I love them? will I ever see them again? im never leaving them once im with them again. EVER! never letting them go again. no sir. not a chance. God bless you all..

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Mar 22, 2014
Feel so alone
by: Anonymous

I understand completely what your feeling. I had three brothers and my Mom & Dad were not together I'm the youngest and the only girl. It's been 24yrs that I lost my Dad then I lost my closest brother 18mos after my Dad I was devastated. In the last 7yrs I have lost my beloved Mother & the following year on my Mom's birthday my oldest brother who was 56yrs old suffered a brain stem stroke and died. All I had left was my middle brother who got sick and died on Mother's Day last yr. I just turned 54yrs & I still grieve for my one true love we had broken up & he asked me back I immediately said yes, he endes up dying when he was 24yrs never knowing why i didn't return back to him, but the guy I was with who later became my husband had threatened me I literally lived in hell for 36yrs. Even though I have my 4 children and grandkids I feel like an orphan and when I cry they get mad because they claim I need to get over it. You never do I keep going because of my faith and pray that I will see them all again. I am no longer afraid of dying I actually look forward to it all my family is there and it makes death so much more comforting. I just pray every night that they come to me in my dreams and they often do.
Take care of yourself time does not heal you just learn to live witb it. God Bless!

Mar 22, 2014
seems like a bad dream
by: Doreen UK

Jeannie I am so sorry for your loss of Mother, Father, Husband, and 3 friends in such a short space of time almost overlapping. The only way forward is ONE DAY AT A TIME. I honestly don't know if I could bear such a heavy loss in a short space of time. These three people are the very foundation of your life. Your parents nurtured you and the bond can't be broken even in death. Your husband was ONE WITH YOU. So another strong bond that is hard when it is broken. I think you should see a counsellor for support and help to move on otherwise you may not get to grieve each loss individually. Then there is the 3 friends you lost who would have been able to support you in the loss of your parents and husband. This has got to be the very worst and most painful loss for anyone to bear.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. 22 months ago and this has been my worst loss. I still suffer strong grief every Saturday the day of the week he died. It is unbearable emptiness and loneliness. I have a strong Faith and belief in God and know I will see my husband again. But it hurts when this togetherness and companionship has ended. It is not easy to re-structure one's life after it has been full and satisfying. I hope you have some other family, who can support you and be there for you. Even though I have 3 Adult children they are leading their own independent lives and I still feel so ALONE. Life is so fragile now for you and I hope that you write back with an update and also keep expressing how you feel with each stage of where you are at in your grief journey. May God comfort you and give you strength to go on each day.

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