She died 11/26/11 at 31. Why does God let our children die? I don't understand.

by KH

I had a lot of faith before she died. Far from perfect, I did considered myself closer to being the person God would wanted me to be than I had ever been. So I ask myself -- is this some sort of test?!

I do believe life is precious regardless of what kind of human being we are and because all of us have problems and need help from one another. We love our children no matter who they are on the inside. But I have to ask why someone so young, kind, educated, beautiful, employed, and loving -- would literally drop dead, while in front of a computer screen, from an unknown brain aneurysm.

Yet so many pedophiles, serial killers, political pundits and wall street thieves still walk the earth. Child rapist priest live to be in their 80's while being cared for by the church. Wife killer get away with it and yet our children are dead.

This must be hell and I must have done something to be sent here and suffer so deeply and profoundly. I would rather be dead and let her live a full life. I hate this world as it makes no sense to me. I don't understand and just wish God would be so kind as to tell me WHY!!!

Someone please show me how to move on, as I feel forever trapped in deep sorrow with an inability to move as I stay frozen in a state of unrelenting grief.

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Aug 19, 2012
Beyond Pain!!
by: Laurie

My son died on May 27, 2012 on a Sunday at 2:30 p.m. He just finished his freshman year of college and he was shot three times. Our family is such a strong believer and follower of JESUS and we are devastated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't move past this pain. He was born on my birthday on April 27 and he died on May 27; he was 19 years old for one month. Why?????????????????? I don't understand. A devastated mother.

Mar 30, 2012
Death feels like Death when you love someone deep
by: sherri

I'm sorry for all your losses- really. I cry reading all these post because it just aches me inside to see sooo many people lost without their loved one, their children. My worst fear my whole life. I have lost soo many friends and relatives to death and now my mother is passing. My friend lost her son at 18 last year and I see the gaping hole in her heart and I ache for her pain. I can only imagine. I believe there is a God and I don't necessarily believe God has taken our children our loved ones away, I truly believe in you believe in free will then you know we live in a world of circumstances we created. Disease, accidents, murders etc....we live in our own cesspool of disease and other horrors...I don't see God picking us off one by one and choosing to take some bright loving beautiful young person in their prime, but I do see Him there in that time to walk them home. I hope i haven't offended anyone I truly don't mean to I just don't know any other way to say be sad be hurt be confused work through your feelings, feel them but don't let anger set in will be together again, not soon enough but you will. And know that they are renewed, in body and spirit, no pain no sadness for them so don't ache for them, ache for you and trust that you will be together again.

Mar 06, 2012
by: Sandy A

First I am so so sorry for you loss. I lost my 28 yr old son Jan 2011. I have asked that question many times. Why God oh why him ? You are so right - there are so many bad people out there - why do the good ones have to go. I guess the answer is that God puts us on this earth for a pre-determined amount of time that he decides. It just explains how some people can walk away from accidents that should have killed them and on the other side people die that shouldnt. Like our children. The unexpected loss is just so much for the human to bear. We can search for answers but I dont think will ever know while we are here on earth. I just keep praying for peace in my heart. Please give yourself some time - I won't say it gets easier but somehow your mind takes over and you push on and on.

Mar 05, 2012
I don't get it
by: carol,seans mom

KH, I will never understand. My 24 year old son went to bed and did not get up November 13th. He was pronounced dead November 15th. I am like you stuck in a place of sorrow. Our worlds are now very unfamiliar,scarey and honestly suck. I don't know how we are suppose to move forward. I am so sorry but I know your pain and hate it.

Mar 04, 2012
Understandin your pain
by: Christine

I know exactly how you feel. My son died on June 2,2011. Like your daughter it was completely unexpected. He died of a pulmanary embolism after an injury 3 days earlier. My grief, like yours just is overwelming! I go thru the motions most of the time, but out of the blue extreme grief and saddness just comes over me! They didn't get to live to fulfill their dreams! I would also give my life if he could live! I feel so empty and useless, my goal is to try to honor him and keep his memory alive! Like you, I also wonder why evil people, child abusers, etc get to live and good people die. Guess that's only for God to know. I will pray that you can find some comfort and joyfrom your memories!

Mar 04, 2012
I toatly agree.
by: Karen Australia.

I toatly and utlery agree with what you are saying why our children they do nothing wrong well behaved got to school and the others muders ,rock spiders thats what i call pedafiles all get away with it.We as mothers bring our children up properly and others that dont all get to live long lives not fair.I lost my beautiful 14yr ol son Josh on the 17/08/2011 and i am devistated my son is still under th Coroner we dont know what happend as yet so frustrating.I miss and love him so much it hurts so bad ,i cry all the time and dont want even to live in this horrible world either.I dosent get any better and wont for me my baby didnt hurt or have a bad word to say about anyone he is such a good kid.I am sorry for your loss and know what you are going through Karenxx

Mar 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

I see you live in chicago, I live in Brook, Indiana. if you would like to email me I would be willing to listen I don't know how much I can reply but, Ive been told I'm a good listener. Ann

Mar 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

Wow, I could of wrote that post, those are my exact feelings after losing my almost three year old grandson on Jan. 9 this year. I have lost faith, question why all the evil people live and the young and good die, wonder why god takes children or grandchildren, and I'm filled with such bitterness and hate.
All I know is if I ever want to see my grandson again I must believe in heaven and god. I can't believe that when you die that's it your dead nothing more, like a plant or bug. I just read a book "heaven is for real" about a little boy who almost died but, got to see heaven. Not sure if I believe it or not but, if heaven does exist I would want it to be as he described.
I do hope some how we can find peace and be able to carry on and make out loved ones happy and proud. hugs and love, ann

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