She Saved My Life

by Dee

One day prior to going to heaven

One day prior to going to heaven

Gina was only a kitten when Mom brought her home. I opened the door to my parents room to see the sweetest little creature greeting me. Being only 8 years old, I had never exactly understood what "love" was, little did i know her and I would share it one day. For the next 6 years Gina slept in my room every night, her multicolored silver and white fur would glisten in the moonlight. She'd always lay right on my belly so I wouldn't be able to move all night long.
I would tell her about my day after school as a part of the usual routine, and she'd look at me, and listen calmly. When i turned 12 I was kicked out of my middle school, and i was devastated. But Gina always listened, and I would tell her about all of my feelings and how I knew she was the only one I could trust. Gina was always by my side, when I'd exit the room she'd be close behind me. Whenever I would get hurt or make sudden noises she would always come running to see what was wrong, and she'd have this calming look in her eyes as if to say "everything is going to be okay" and when she'd look at me like that, i knew that it was. By the time I turned 13 I was very upset with my life, and thought about suicide a lot, but I never acted on it because every day when i got home I'd see those twinkling green eyes greeting me at the door, and i knew that i could tell her how I was feeling, and she'd make everything suddenly seem 1000x better. I'm not going to lie, Gina saved my life, because when i was on the edge, ready to jump, I thought about her, and how heart broken she would be, and how Mom and Dad would probably have her put down if i were to have hurt myself. Gina was my angel, sent from heaven, she guided me through all the pain of being kicked out of school. Finally when I was 15 I was let back into public school, at this same time Gina grew a cyst on her back, so we took her into the vet to have it removed. The vet told us it would need surgery to remove. I had a strange sense that this wasn't going to end well, but everyone had me convinced it would be just fine. It wasn't. When she went under the knife, they suddenly realized the cyst was connected to her spine, and the cyst sack had wrapped around her heart, and when they attempted to sew her back up so we could at least have her for some short amount of time, her heart rate kept dropping and dropping, and finally, God took his little angel back to heaven. It was as though she was there for me through my hardest part of life, and when her work was finally all done, when I was finally getting things right in life, it was her time to leave. but she will always be alive, in my heart.

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Feb 15, 2013
Dee and Gina
by: Anonymous

Please know that your terrific pain is shared by others, we have all lost our loved ones at this site, what a terrible club to be in. I agree with you that Gina was put here on this earth to most likely save you. Do not let her death be in vain. If you EVER think of ending your life again, PLEASE, PLEASE talk to someone! I know at 15 I, too, wanted to end my life. But you know what, my life DID turn around, I've got 2 beautiful children, a loving husband, and 2 furbabies left, and they all love me! No matter how bad the pain is, it does get better with time. It might seem like forever, but it will!Your little girl is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. I know another cat could never replace my Chrissy, but I went to the humane society and paid for the adoption of three older cats in her name, I know she would approve, and just maybe these cats will know love again, I truly hope so, anyway. It made me feel so good to do something in her name. You are young, you should consider giving another cat your love, in Gina's name, and of course when the pain is not so overwhelming. You can never replace her, but you can honor her by showing she taught you to love! Know that at this site we all care for you, please keep us informed on how you are doing.

Feb 11, 2013
Very touching..
by: Sandy

Dear Dee,
My heartfelt condolences to you for the loss of Gina though no words can console a person who has just lost a lovable pet. Only people like us know what true affection is bestowed on us by our loving pets. For the rest of the world pets seem to be just other 'animal'. Our pets have immense love for us and they share our joys and sorrow . They comfort us during our loneliness and often become the pillar of strength during adversities. It was very touching to read that Gina was the cause of your walking away from suicidal tendencies. A word of advice for you my dear - NEVER EVER THINK OF SUICIDE- The lord has given us this precious life - So live life fully and also (after you have fully recovered from grieving over Gina) if possible adopt a homeless kitty and give it lots of love and affection. May be you will feel better. By the way I have not yet come to terms with the death of my kitty- Poochie who left this world on 21st March 2012. She has left a big void in my life which can never be filled. Take care. May GINA RIP

Feb 10, 2013
She Saved my life
by: Doreen U.K.

Dee I know what you are saying. God knows what we are going through in life and He will always send someone or even a pet to comfort us and teach us about His Love for us. I have had experiences like this. It give us Hope to go on in life. I had a cage full of 11 cockatiels that brought me Comfort at the right time when my husband was dying of cancer. Before he died I had to give the birds away due to developing Asthma from the dust the birds give off. But I miss these little darlings. God does put people and pets in our life for a Season and then removes them. But it is so hard dealing with this loss. It is part of our human condition to want our lives to stay the same with the same people doing the same things we love and that makes our life happy. But life has a way of taking from us and we find it hard to pick ourselves up again from where we are. No matter how old we are we will struggle with this area. But it is good to have these memories. No one can take this from us.
I hope you are not in the same unhappy place you were growing up with all the sadness you had. If so go and see a counsellor. You won't regret it. You will have the space to resolve your past and have a healthier future by not carrying your past into your future. Best wishes.

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