she was one year and 16 days old...

by Rone
(South Africa)

my baby was born on 10 May 2012 and was gone on 26 May 2013.

she was our fifth child, unplanned but oh, so wanted and loved! she was our lucky packet. we named her Ziha May. Ziha meaning "lightness and brightness" and she was just that, the light in our lives and so clever and bright. her cute personality lit the room....

She said her first word at age 8months and 6 days. it was "bye-bye" ironic. she walked at 9months and 2 days, and at the time of her death, she ran, climbed, kicked balls, had a vocabulary of 8 words, and KNEW how much we enjoyed her!

On that dreadful day, we went to my parent's house for lunch. it was cold, raining and everyone - brother, sisters, cousins-was inside the house. I made sure all the doors were locked, and i relaxed, enjoying to see how everybody in the house took turns to play with her. i even told my husband how tired she will be at the end of the day, as she was running and laughing and enjoying herself so much! then we were called to sit down for lunch....and in the process of dishing up, she slipped out of a sliding door.....her cousin opened the door for the dog to get out.
I went to look for her to have lunch, and through the window, i saw her floating face down in the pool. my life changed in that instant. i pulled her from the pool - she was so cold- and i saw she was gone.

life since then has not been easy. the emotion of longing is very strong, and although I can laugh, the shadow of sadness is always with me.

we feel blessed that such a perfect, wonderful soul, chose us to be her parents in her short life. i know she is happy, but for all the good, my wish still remains: to have her back in my arms.

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Mar 13, 2014
I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

I was just looking for songs or poems due to a toddlers death when I came across your story I felt your pain you must have felt because on august 16, 2014 my 15 month old granddaughter died in a car accident. Her dad was arrested about 4 months later for the accident. Reports say he was under the influence of methamphetamine an alcohol. My daughter Is a very strong woman an has been through slot. On june 5, 2011 we lost the love of my life, we had 7 kids together. But when he decided to take his own life, that changed ours forever. He didnt get the chance to meet our precious angel, then I was blessed with a grandson. Im dealing with confusion about god but believe because of my granddaughter I am starting to change the way I look at things an know she was called home.



Sep 23, 2013
she was one year and 16 days old....
by: Doreen

Rone I am sorry for the loss of your baby to a tragic accident. To have carried a child, loved him/her, and then to lose them so young is one of the worst nightmares for a parent to go through. When family gatherings take place which are happy occasions it is so easy to get caught up in serving food etc. In a split second anything could happen. I am just so sorry your family occasion was spoilt that day by the loss of your daughter. None of us knows what life holds and how fast tragedies take place.
I didn't know that when my husband was a young man in his 20's he went off each day to work happily as a carpenter and cut Asbestos not known then as a deadly material in the workplace. It takes 40 yrs. to develop into a tumour which is a terminal lung cancer. Even people in the environment inhaling the dust can die a slow death. not known till 40yrs. later. I lost my husband 16 months ago from this cancer. Life is full of sorrow, sadness and grief. WE have these happy times also but the loss of a loved one is the worst pain ever to go through. It will take a lot of time to recover from the loss of a child. Get as much support from family and friends to help you move through healing from your loss. It does help.

Sep 20, 2013
I feel your loss...
by: Lynne

MY HEART hurts right along with you....I did not loose a child, but, my hubby..pain is pain and it hurts no matter what....I am crying right along with you...may someone alot bigger than all of us comfort you in HIS arms and give you peace...I am told comfort does come and peace/joy once again....My Love sent your way....

Sep 16, 2013
by: Jolynn

Poor Humpty Dumpty
You hurt your head
I'd tell your story
To my child in his bed

Winnie-the Pooh
I'm not sure what to do
He was my precious boy
I will listen to you

Fairy tale books
read by soft light
Hansel and Gretel
Held him spellbound at night

He loved hearing stories
When day was through
The Three Little Pigs
Red Riding Hood too

Moonlight and Magic
Filled all our nights
Stories imagined
a child's delight

Those days are over
He was taken from me
I live now in silence
How can that be?

As I search the Heavens
From darkness 'til dawn
I wonder where my boy is
How I'll go on

But then the sky twinkles
Casts loving light
He's gone from my touch
But I still hold him tight.

To your baby girl
from Jolynn

Sep 16, 2013
your baby girl
by: Jolynn

What a tragic story I am so so sorry.
I am sure u wish u could just go back in time. My son was 26 yrs and an officer in the Marines when he died. I had night terrors and trembled for the first couple of months. I dreamed I went back in time and warned him of his death. I would have dreams that I'd touch him and he'd disappear. I know what you mean about longing. I just want to hear his voice and hug him and tell him how much I love him. We are not meant to outlive our children. It's not the natural order of things. The 1st anniversary of his death is on )Oct 8th. The "firsts" are difficult to get thru. Holidays are difficult. I can say at this 1 year mark that it is a little easier but it's taken a lot of work. I see a private grief counselor. Attend grief groups. Journal. I sleep with his shirt. I write poetry, I write letters to and from him. He was my Hero and I miss him so much. Your little girl sounds delightful. I know your heart is broken. Maybe she is closer than u think. Our children are always going to be a part of us. We never really let them go we keep them close. I'll send you a poem that I wrote when thinking about My son when he was little.
Please take care of yourself
E-mail me if u need to talk with someone.

Sep 16, 2013
one year
by: Anonymous---MI

My heart breaks for you and your husband and all your family at the loss of your sweet baby. We will never understand why these things happen; my dear husband died 10 months ago and he was a wonderful Christian man. I often would ask him questions about life, the bible and God. With the awful heartbreak such as yours he would gently tell me " there are not answers to why these things happen." and also he would say' we are not to know the answers'. Our trust and faith in God has to be what will bring us out of this darkness and pain and into His blessed Light. I can only give you this " I will pray for you" and hope that peace will return to you.

Sep 16, 2013
I can't imagine your pain
by: Becky

I am so very sorry about your precious baby girl. I know
Pain from losing a parent, but no a child. I can only
Imagine it is the worse pain that you can feel. Your
baby girl is in heaven. I just lost my Mother six weeksweeks
ago. My daughter is pregnant with the first granddaughter. My Mother wanted to hold her
badly. My Mother will watch over your precious
little girl until you get to heaven. Once, again
I am so very sorry. I will be praying for you.

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