by M Mack
(Chicago )

Life can be a living hell when you miss someone you love so much. Often I feel my love is around me in some way, trying to get my attention. It might be a song on the radio, a touch that feels like small tingling on my head, my hair moving and I'm not touching it, or something might happen that strongly urges me to wonder--is he here? Amazingly, I get those little signs when I really need them. They are comforting, knowing he is still with me in spirit. Saturday, I asked him for a heart in the clouds. I said that would definitely convince me of his presence in my life. I said this to myself, and went about my day never thinking about it again. He always drew messy hearts when I'd get a note or card. The word "love" was always spelled out with a heart drawn on the page- xoxoxo. Sunday afternoon, we attended a Veterans Day Memorial service in town to honor those who had fallen. The wind was blowing but the sun was out. Intermittent clouds lingered in the sky scattering, forming and moving on. I looked up and there it was-amazing! The perfect heart I longed to find for over 2 years. It was just there as though for me and only me directly in front of my face. It was outlined with a deeper color, bluish fringe. My eyes began to tear so I put my head down to wipe away the tears under my sunglasses for a quick moment. When I looked back up it was GONE! Just like that, he said I love you and left. This message was meant for me and I am so comforted to finally know the signs are for real. If you think you are getting little messages in your thoughts, you are. Our lost loves are around us, and they know what we feel and how much we miss them. If someone is trying to get a message to you, believe and not only will you feel comforted, they will too. I pray for all if us that are left here to survive the rest of this life. Its not easy to go through life wanting what you can't have but at least we can walk with courage, strength, and confidence allowing a little happiness to shine thru. We can and will make it as long as we believe that there is an afterlife, here- there and everywhere. God bless us all.

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Sep 02, 2013
My sign from Pepper
by: Mike

I have had only one sing that I think is from My Pepper,gone since Nov 23, 2012.

Part of our "nite nite kisses" was "butterfly" kisses from her. I have a picture of her that I love of her dancing in the snow with huge snowflakes. I had a dream of her dancing in the snow with the huge flakes, but they were all butterfly shaped snowflakes falling all around her. It was a lovely dream that I woke up crying out to her! I miss you my heart ans still give you or Nite-Nite kisses!!!

May 03, 2013
by: T

Thank you for your "Sings" post. It's been 5 weeks since my husband passed away at 53 after a brave fight against cancer.The pain and sadness is unbearable.I'm just going through the motions every day. I'm so lost and afraid of the dark,lonely future that awaits me. We had a ceremonial mass after he passes but due to many rain storms and rough seas we're finally scattering his ashes at sea this Sunday. I'm afraid of my emotions and state of mind. Can I handle this on Sunday? I really hope so. My young nieces will be out on my cousin's boat with us and I don't want to traumatize them by crying hysterically. My husband was their favorite uncle and I know they are grieving too.

I've had three signs from my sweetheart since he passed away but beg him for more every day. I want to feel his constant presence like before but that's not happening. I need to KNOW WITH OUT DOUBT that he is safe, happy and healthy in God's arms. Maybe I'll see a beautiful heart in the sky over the clear blue waters of South Florida this Sunday. God help us all. We need it.

Nov 19, 2012
by: M Mack

Debbie and Mary Ann,

Thank you for posting. I like knowing that others feel the same way. Your both right by saying if you believe, it's easier to recognize. We've allowed them to come through and they really try so hard to be heard. I appreciate the encouragement and u also have had an easier time when I get a precious sign.
Take care and sending my best.

Nov 19, 2012
by: Mary Ann

The signs are the only thing, I think, sometimes, that keep me sane. Although, trying to explain it to others, might have them believe otherwise, as far as the sanity goes, but no matter! Our 18th anniversary is in two days. I honestly feel that if I can get through it, the holidays will be easier in comparison. I've had many signs since John died unexpectedly 5 months ago in July, and I think that the fact that I believe in them so strongly, is what allows them to keep occuring. Yesterday, I was at the flea market and came across the same muzic box that I bought for our anniversary a couple of years ago. It was very symbolic of us and our love and I won't go into all the details, but when I presented it to him, I pointed out all the reasons behind it as to how it reminded me of us. This is no commom music box mind you, it was made in the early 70's and based on the movie "Love Story" with the inscription "Love means never having to say you're sorry". I'd had tucked the music box away into a corner, but having ssen it while out and about yesterday (trying to keep busy so as not to think about the dreaded days ahead) I was prompted to dust it off and place it in a prominent spot in the house, as I feel the reminder of it was his way of letting me know that he is stil with me this year on our anniversary and that this sign was one of his gifts to me. Today, I plan to buy him an anniversary card and place it next to the music box, and even though he won't be here with me physically, I know that his spirit is and always will be.

Nov 16, 2012
Believe in signs
by: Debbie

I believe in signs. It's what lets me go on. The day, almost to the hour that my husband was being creamated I looked up and saw his profile in the sky. Several days later, my sister and a friend and I were sitting outside and a dragon appeared. My sister almost died. It was the exact dragon that he had tatooed on his leg. Many, many times when I'm down, I look up to see a heart in the sky. So, yes I know he is here. Sometimes, our dog, will stand still and look and wiggle his butt in the house. I know that means Bruce is here with me. It helps allot, but, I must say, its been two years and I am still grieving for him. I'm so happy to know he is here with me, but, somedays I can't stop crying for him and for me. We were married 32 years (and counting) and his death was sudden.

Believe in the signs, its what keeps me going.

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