Siobhan Stanley

by Siobhan

My beautiful boy

My beautiful boy

My beautiful talented son died suddenly playing football on april14th 2012. So much to live for I just cannot come to terms the fact that he is gone, he sang like an angel, was a carpenter, was a university student and had the most beautiful partner. He was my first born child the reason I went on to have four more. Some days I wonder is it worth carrying on without him I have many precious videos of,him singing as he was on a show called Perth star. After six months I got the news that his death is unascertainable how can a strong athletic child be taken in the prime of his life I ache for you Joshua constantly luv mum xxx

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Jan 12, 2013
Your son
by: Kate

I am so sorry your beautiful son is gone. I know all who loved him are heartbroken. I lost my son Nov.17 ,2012 I know I am still in shock. How can they be gone,so hard to understand,so heartbreaking. My love goes out to you. We are sadly all in this together on here.

Oct 20, 2012
Josh Henderson
by: Jack's Mom

I just watched Josh's memorial video on Perth Star.
I'm so very sorry for the loss of your amazing son.
What a beautiful life cut short. I am sure his siblings are devastated as well. God Bless your family. I lost my beautiful, sweet son 3 years ago. A part of me died that day, I will never be the same and at times I miss my old self. There are many days the pain is so overwhelming the only thing I can do is just breath to survive. I cry out loud to our Lord to help me through those times and I do believe at my lowest times the Lord does hear me. Don't think too far ahead, just one day at a time. Trust in God and one day you will be rewarded and be in the arms of you beloved son. I would like to believe that when my son arrived in Heaven, God gave him the choice to come back to us but it is so beautiful and so special in Heaven that my son decided to stay with God. It helps me to think that my son wanted to stay. It helps to to think that my son is beyond happy and he is at peace and safe. My prayers are with you.

Oct 18, 2012
Siobhan Stanley
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your beautiful loving son so suddenly.
It is a sad reality that exercise can work the opposite of just keeping us in good physical condition. My daughter works hard training and exercising and I am worried she will suddenly drop dead. this is a real FEAR. I am sorry that you are having to face this awful GRIEF and LOSS of an Adult Child. To lose a child is the worst experience for a mom. You would greatly benefit from grief counselling to help you get past this terrible pain that is so crushing you will wonder how you can go on in life and recover from your loss. No parent can cope with the FEAR of each day wondering what will happen to our children. All a mom can do is to Pray over her children each day for God's protection and covering over their lives. God is the only one who can Comfort you and Heal you through your loss.

Oct 17, 2012
From another parent
by: Anonymous

I was so sorry to hear of the passing of your beautiful son. No parent in the world deserves that kind of pain, frustration, anger or burden of carrying on. Then again, no child deserves to leave so soon in their life.
I have no words that will make you feel any better or give you any answers. Siobhan, I just want you to know that another parent is thinking of you and wishing you peace and understanding.
I'm not much of a religeous person, but I do believe peace can come without understanding. It's called acceptance, and it's something you really have to make a conscious effort to acquire. It doesn't just happen. So I will be praying in my own way that you find your own way.
Again, I'm so very sorry.

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