Sister died 17 years ago

My sister died 17 years ago.She was a year older than me and her death was so sudden.I was 17 and her 18.She came home from Uni for holidays and wasnt feeling too well.Nothing too serious just lethargic.We shared a room and one morning I woke up and she was speaking absolute gobbledegook but crying and obviously in pain.I tried to comfort her and called my mum into the room.She was taken into hospital and 24 hours later she died.She had acute lymphocytic leukaemia and had a massive brain haemorrhage..I still feel so upset by it,not every day but as the years go by I miss her more.I would love her to know me now as a grown up.I wonder if we would be close,would she be married have kids etc.The saddest thing about it all is that since the day she died her name has never been mentioned in my house.Nobody ever talks about her as if she never existed........

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May 12, 2013
Dont Worry
by: Abdul

Im sorry for your loss :/. Dont worry , your family still does remember her. I am 100% sure they think about her everyday, but some people (like me) find it hard to talk about with people. Your gonna see her again one day :]

May 06, 2013
Sister died 17 years ago
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your sister 17yrs. ago. If you are torn by grief it could be because you never grieved well. If your grief now is just fleeting. This is normal to WONDER and PONDER over the past. WE all do it. I lost my husband 1yr. ago yesterday. I wonder how he would have liked the WAKE I had for him with all his work colleagues there and family? I wonder how he would have liked the changes to the home? I wonder how he would have thought of his youngest daughter getting a load of TATOO'S now. Changes take place in our lives when we have lost someone special. We YEARN. and we have PAIN over our loss and can't help wonder how these changes would have been accepted. Wonder how that person would have turned out and what difference they would have still made in our life.
I don't think we will ever go through life not thinking about the one we have lost.
You feel hurt because no one in your house ever remembers your sister's name or talks about her. You could start a conversation and find out what their thoughts are? Ask why everyone has forgotten her? You may be surprised to learn that hurt has gone deep in some of your family and they can't talk about her because they don't want to cry? You may also find out that they have secretly grieved and moved forward, and not share the same feelings as you do because you may not have grieved totally for your sister? If you don't ask you won't ever know the answers? BUT. Be prepared for any outburst's of anger if you bring the subject up. It can only be a positive thing. Approach it this way. Anger expressed can only bring HEALING and this may be a good thing for your family members. I hope things work out better for you in life and you can keep a journal and dedicate this to your sister and you. Talking and expressing freely in your journal. Building up this sort of "Invisible" relationship. It will be therapeutic and Healing.

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