Skeeter The Day My Music Died

by Cindy LoPiccolo-Moore
(Waterloo, NY>)

My son also known as Skeeter was an only child. What a joy he was and such a clown. He was musically talented. He played the drums and guitar. He would start a band over and over. Friends, he had so many and they all flocked to our home. I loved this but always acted cross. I think he knew though. We were so close and I loved him so, we had such a bond. No he was not a mamas boy he was a independent bright young man with his future stretched before him like a carpet. He met the girl of his dreams. He was so excited. After dating awhile she became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful boy the image of my Skeeter. How proud my son was of that baby. I nagged at him to marry her. He finally conceded and the wedding date was set for July 29,1995. I was so excited he was marrying close to my birthday, it was to be my birthday present. Everything was done by July 28th the church was decorated and we had gone through the rehearsal. Skeeter and his bride to be dropped me off at home. I went out to begin celebrating early. At four in the morning my sister was pounding on the door. I opened it up and asked her what was she doing. She just stared at me. I again asked what are you doing here? She took my hands and said there has been a car accident. My heart sank. I said who had an accident. She said it's Skeeter. I said get me to the hospital. She again stared at me and said sis Skeeter didn't make it. He was killed on impact by a drunk driver. I will never forget that feeling. A hole opened up and closed over me. To this day I cannot recall events that happened at the funeral people were a blurr. I remember only my beautiful boy in that casket so silent and gone. His lips stilled forever. I would never again see him smile or hear his laugh. My life was over and I knew in that instant I was also dead inside. Eighteen years have passed since that nightmare. IA day i will never fully awaken from. I go through the motions of living. When my only child died he took the best part of me with him. It's ok I wait for my turn and hope that one day I will see him again . In the meantime I just exist. If other parents feel this way don't get upset or beret yourselves I look at it as the amount of grief you have is equal to the amount of love you had for that child. Bless all of you who understand this feeling. You're not alone.
Cindy LoPiccolo- Skeeter's Mom

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May 05, 2013
The day the music died
by: Cindy

To these dear sweet ladies who responded to my story. I hope I helped some of you. Your lives will go on and you will smile again,not as broadly as before. I am not telling you that your lives are over. The life you were living and loving is over. It isn't one bit fair. I know your hearts are so broken and you say, Am I still a mon. Yep you are. We have a special phychic bond now. I will see my son again as all of you will see your children. I think any mother who loses there babies has a special place in the big plan.. I can't wait to meet all of you and your beautiful children. What a day that will be. Love you all Skeeter' mom

May 04, 2013
my love
by: jodi lopiccolo

I love you V matter what! Skeeter left us our beautiful Taylor.

Mar 16, 2013
Your story brought tearsto my eyes for YOU..
by: Nevas mom

I look at it as the amount of grief you have is equal to the amount of love you had for that child. Bless all of you who understand this feeling. You're not alone.(YOU QUOTED)
, God bless you thanks, when I read no matter how many years its been, for you dear dear precious, sons passing, so sudden, horrific, whole life ahead of that lovely young man, Brought tears to my eyes, I feel the same way you feel, and wrote about your dear young man, your baby. about my dear daughter I died too with her, Ill never be the same either.. only? what you quoted? that quote.. Hit home here... In the deepest part of my heart where til I too pass on,, will feel,, My Neva died , of murder at the hands of two men.. I wrote about her,.. many posts down,, the shock and for your dear dear son, to pass on at the hands of damn drunk, driver.. is horrific, and My heart, goes out TO YOU,,, dear , even though I never had a son, and it was my daughter. I still more than understand,, exactly how you feel, as I too will go the rest of my life feeling this pain.. til me and Neva meat again. god willing in the arms of the angles.. I had it played at her funeral..

I love you, and thanks you touched touched the deepest part of,my heart.. with all that you said.. ONLY?? My heart now goes out to YOU,, as I never would , wish this nightmare on you. My music died too..

Luv you, and thanks.. Neva,s Mom..

Feb 21, 2013
by: Sweet Aaron's Mama

Cindy....Oh my god. I just read your story and I have sat here and cried and am so deeply touched. Like Kate ( a few posts down) I lost my Aaron just a few months ago. I know how I have felt, but for you to have to endure 18 years of pain and hurt, is just too much. I know you have your grandchild, Skeeter's son, and I am preparing to be a first time grandmother in June. A granddaughter, my youngest son's baby. Aaron's younger brother vented to me the other day how terribly upset he is that his brother won't be here to kiss his baby, watch her walk for the first time, spoil her rotten and to share everything about this baby. I have tried very hard to divert my thoughts to my granddaughter, her upcoming birth, but everytime I do, my thoughts go straight to Aaron. I'm sure I'm much older than you, so I probably won't have those years that you have had to endure a pain everlasting. Our sons are still with us Cindy, they always will be. I'm so sorry that you still hurt. And even a new baby in the family won't take that away from me. But i'm trying. God Bless You Cindy. It's been a long hard road for you and nobody truly understands, until it happens to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take Care.

Feb 20, 2013
Skeeter The Day My Music Died


Feb 18, 2013
Your son
by: Kate

This is so sad,18 years you have endured without your son. 3 months ago I lost my Louie . My heart is broken forever. I see from you we go on but I beg God to let me find the love for life I had before because my son enjoyed that part of me. It's a long hard journey. God bless you,thank you for sharing.

Feb 17, 2013
Skeeter The Day My Music Died
by: Doreen U.K.

Cindy I am so sorry for your loss of your only son Skeeter. 18yrs. is a long time to live without your son after his sudden death. Those must have been very difficult years for you to go on with your life, only half living but knowing you had no choice but to go on in life, like we all have to but not wanting to.
To lose a child/adult child is one of the most difficult losses to bear. My husband died 10 months ago and I feel lost, lonely, empty, and I miss him so much it hurts all of the time. I know what you mean when you express the pain of seeing your son lie in is casket with no life in him and what a shock this must have been. Almost surreal as if it was happening to someone else. I felt the same way when my husband lay in his coffin and I couldn't bear this loss. A heart broken forever. Like you I see life as only an existence. With no real meaning. We just rise to do it all over again each day. May God be loving and Kind to you each day and may you find Peace in the midst of your Loss and Sorrow.

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