by Jeanne
(Hudson NY)

Skylar was my Bernese Mountain Dog.We called him "Skybaby" because of his cute baby face and his sweet silly temperament.
He would jump up and down barking with excitement just to go out and Potty.Even more excited if we were going to get the golf cart or 4 wheelers to go for a run in our "Dog Park' ,a huge area behind the house on 5 acres we have created for this purpose. He would race like the wind barking with joy.
A couple weeks ago he was straining to pee standing and trying to go, then go about 20 ft and try again. I took him to the vet after getting a sample of urine and the vet said there was blood in it . that it was probably a urinary infection (though he had no fever) and put him on antibiotics. Saying if that didn't get rid of it then an ex-ray would be the next step.and explained that it could be bladderstones or grains and a worst case scenario of bladder cancer. He was on antibiotics for 5 days when it got worse so TODAY I took him in for the xray fully expecting it to be stones or grains and prepared to hear he needed surgery. So we anesthetized him and took the picture
BUT the Exray showed a tumor in his bladder not operable and not a good prognosis .He's already struggling to pee and very uncomfortable.The vet offered to send us to a specialist for biopsy and chemo but I went out to the car and started crying and knew that I could not put him through all that only to have him suffer and die anyway. We had already done that with another Berner with Lymphoma....just to selfishly keep him alive for our own sakes.
So I chose to put him to sleep. and now I am so sad and my heart aches and I miss his shiny eyes looking at me with such love and trust. I miss his silly antics. He was a good good dog so full of life...
The grief is coming in waves tonite ...I know I did the right thing but I miss him so much its unbearable. Good bye my sweet Skybaby I LOVE YOU.

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