by Seana

On November 10, our whole world changed when Skyler didn't come home.
I waited an hour, not wanting to be a bothersome, worried parent. And then I called him because I knew if Sky was driving he wouldn't be able to talk or text. He told me Skyler should have definitely been home by now. I said I was going out to look, to find him in case he was broken down.... To see the traffic he must be stuck in... I checked my last text message. 4:48, he just got gas and was leaving. Yep, he should have been home at least an hour before now. I looked at every car I passed. I thought for sure I would see him. I knew I would see him. I was positive I would see him. Every single car, I kept swerving just a little bit because I had to look at every single car. I got on the highway and immediately noticed the traffic stopped, blocked off and stopped. It was right before the exit he would have gotten off to drive slower on the back roads to get home. Another 30 seconds of driving, and he would have been off the exit safely. Cars had their lights off like they were just sitting there and the state highway was closed. Cars were being rerouted off the prior exit and the road was closed. As I drove by, I called again. I reported this horrible accident to him, and we talked about the other accident in Connecticut. Both were causing major traffic jams and delays. This must be the reason for Sky's delay. I got off the exit and joined the traffic that was rerouted onto back roads, around the accident, back onto the highway and then back onto the backroads home. I knew the farther into the traffic I drove, the more I would get stuck in it and the longer it would take me to get home and see Sky. So I got off the first exit and headed back home. I still looked at every car, everywhere. Next to me, in front of me, behind me, cars in my direction lanes, cars in the opposite direction lanes, and the whole way there and home, I never saw his car. It was not broken down on the side of the road either. He must have been stuck in traffic, but if the traffic was moving so slow or stopped, I knew he would have and could have sent me a text to tell me he was on his way. I left a note on the stove, to please call me when he got there. It was right on the stove where I always left our family notes. Right next to his favorite soup, salads in the fridge, and home baked oatmeal cookies with a card and iTunes card to reward/celebrate his amazing report card. All the laundry was done... It was going to be a great family night and an organized slide back into the school/work week... He can't stand conflict, and is such a peacemaker... I can't wait to hear what he has to say about this... The traffic was moving so slowly, bumper to bumper... I called him and left a message. Please call me Skyler, please let me know you are ok. I drove and looked at each and every car in the darkness on my drive home. As soon as I could see our driveway, when I came around the corner on our road, his car wasn't there yet. I pulled in and knew something was wrong. I went to the Find my Friends app.. Sky was not able to be located at this time. I called him and he said he would call the state police and he checked his traffic app, there was the accident in Ct, but he didn't get Ma reports.. I was really worried, really worried, because it was at least 2 hours late now. I googled traffic/accidents on 91 North and read the first 1/2 of a sentence and headline, 5:51, one person is dead after a jeep collided with a tractor trailer on 91 northbound. I looked at the fiery picture. I checked the time of Sky's last text message. 4:48. Perfect timing. I ran next door to get help, and our world changed forever. Our beautiful amazing 17 year old son and brother, Skyler, never came home. Among the phone calls and information being told to me by my neighbor, from his conversation with the state police, confirming that Skyler was the accident that I had passed right by and never thought it was him, not even for a second, and the phone conversation with him telling me Sky was driving his Jeep because his car was over heating, and another conversation after the police showed up at his door to confirm that it was Skyler because they had run the plates and it was registered to his address, I continued to search the driveway to catch the second he was going to pull in. I searched the driveway for the next 3 hours. He never did pull in, and the ending of our sweetest, simplest, most joyous, healthy, happy, family filled, fun filled, dreams and goals filled and to be filled, smart, hard working, educated, alternative, kind, socially just, physically fit, thankful, peaceful and loving life we shared with Cassie and our family ended and our worst nightmare began.....

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Jan 10, 2014
Our children
by: Michelle

Ive been told that if given a chance they would not come back, I do not agree. Our children we young, full or life and had so much to offer. Megan wanted to marry and have kids, live, love and help other people. I died with her that day. I don't even care to get out of my own way. Just like you, your beautiful son gone and you had no clue, died amongst strangers.
Life has become a burden. Some days I am so pathetic. Why our children? Why us?

Jan 05, 2014
by: Michelle

Just 3 weeks after your nightmare began so did ours. Our 22 year old daughter was struck by a truck while out on her morning run. Her brother, father and myself no longer live, we exist.
I'm so sorry for your loss, there are no words, only stories of other grieving parents. I am just about to turn 48 and can not imagine possibly living another 30 to 40 years without her.

Jan 04, 2014
Your son
by: Kate

I'm so sorry you lost your son. I went through that shock of not believing it Nov 2012. It is horrid. It is hard,hurtful,painful,makes you angry,
Sad,lost devastated -I understand and am so sorry.
Life is so fragile. I don't know how we keep going,
But for other we must. My heart feels your sorrow.
On this site we do understand.

Jan 03, 2014
I know your pain
by: cynthia

Hello, I am so sorry for your loss. My youngest of two sons passed away April of 2011. It is a parents worst nightmare. I am trying to adjust to life without my son. It is a struggle. As you said your life changes forever, the happiness, the joy , just the simple things are forever changed. Be kind to yourself, take care of yourself. You will learn how to get through each day. I find that I am at most peace when I am out walking with my 2 dogs. I prefer to keep more to myself. It is easier than always having to put on the happy face for others. If you ever want to talk please contact me at:
I have found that others who have lost a child are our safe harbors. We understand each other and know the devastating pain that we feel each day. We can be open and honest with each other. I met a dear person on this site and we correspond daily, I would be lost without her.
I am here if you need to talk. You will be in my prayers.

Jan 03, 2014
Loss of our sons
by: Cindy

Seanna, I, too, lost my 17 yr old son. His name is Ethan and he died Aug 28, 2013 after a very sudden and unexpected illness. On Thursday he developed a fever and he was gone by the following Wednesday. He leaves behind his father, his 21 yr old sister and myself. Our lives are changed forever. All the joyful times we had are gone and replaced by a pain so deep that I do not know how I make it through each day. I am so sorry for the loss of your Skyler. May we all find the strength to be there for our loved ones.

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