So long Sweet Shanti Sweetness

by Marian
(Emeryville, CAlifornia, USA)

Me and my boy, Shanti Sweetness

Me and my boy, Shanti Sweetness

Me and my boy, Shanti Sweetness
Taken on the day he came home from the hospital. I thought that he was going to make it!
Beautiful and unique Shanti Sweetness

It was a horrible accident that caused me to lose my little eleven month old kitten, Shanti Sweetness and my heart is broken now.

I had Strep Throat and was in a lot of pain so using Ibuprofen every few hours. Last Thursday, I put the jar of Ibuprofen and my water bottle on my bed and then went to the bathroom. I just wasn't thinking... I was gone all of three minutes, but when I got back the bottle of Ibuprofen was on the floor. I found two Ibuprofen pills and put them back into the bottle and put it away. I only thought that one of the cats had knocked it down to play with. It never crossed my mind that any of them would have eaten them.

On Friday morning, my seven month old kitten, Anandi was acting too sleepy. Shanti had been cuddled up to me. He jumped off the bed and his back legs splayed out from under him! I picked both babies up and rushed to the emergency vet hospital. It was too early in the morning for the regular vet.

They were never very concerned with Anandi, but she stayed there all weekend as a precaution. They told me on Friday morning, that Shanti's condition was "fair to guarded." That afternoon, I was allowed to visit. Anandi just seemed annoyed that she was there, but Shanti couldn't move. He was huddled in the back of his cage. I called his name and he tried to move to me but...

Still, that evening, the doctor called and said that Shanti was making slow progress and that his blood work was normal. I went back on Saturday and Shanti looked so much better! He was standing up meowing at me! He even tried to climb the cage to get to me! The doctor said that there were still some issues, but that he was doing a lot better!

On Sunday, they said that both kittens were doing "great" and could come home.

Shanti wasn't 100%, but he did seem like he was doing okay. He ate immediately, sat in my lap, in the window sill to soak up sun and then climbed to the top portion of the cat tree.

He slept on my bed that night, but the next morning he couldn't walk again! I rushed him back to the hospital. I only worked half a day and went back to visit him. The poor little guy was covered in blankets, heating pads with a huge tube of heat coming into his cage, a blood transfusion, fluids and more to monitor him. He was unresponsive. He seemed to recognize my voice and tried to shimmy up closer when he heard me.

A few hours later, the doctor called. She had done an ultrasound and an X-ray. She said that Shanti had a GI blockage that he had before the Ibuprofen incident ever happened and to survive he would need surgery, but his blood pressure was too low for the surgery. We had to wait on that.

He also had a heart arrhythmia and his kidneys were shutting down.

A couple of hours later, his heart gave out.

He would have been a year old at the end of this month. My Shanti Sweetness... I miss him so incredibly much. I can't stop crying and feel so awful that I didn't think not to leave my Ibuprofen where he could get it even for a second.

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Aug 23, 2016
NOw I understand
by: Linds Kerlin Young

Thank you for posing this, NOw I understand fully what happned to your precious baby. I am so sorry this happened It reminds ALL of us how dangerous human meds can be. Makes all of us to be very careful with out meds. It breaks my heart you had to go through this....:'(. I followed your sweet boy since the day you got him. It was almost like he belonged to me too. You've had such terrible heartbreak this year and I hope this will not happen to you again. God bless you and stay strong. much love to you.

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