So many have passed...

by K.M. Plum
(Central U.S.)

I see many people with many stories and I realize how many have experienced so much loss... But even then it only helps so much to understand that there are others who feel the same way you do... I suppose I grieve a little differently though because my only tears have appeared at the second loss of my second godparent. They both passed within a year or two of each other. I know you may say something like "Godparent? They weren't even related to you! You don't understand." But I really do, at least a little. My Godparents really were like a second mom and dad to me. Even now I'm fighting back a few tears... I suppose after so many losses it gets to the point where you really can't hold back anymore... Within the same year or two I lost my Uncle and then my Aunt in tragic ways, (Both on my Dad's side). I know it's hard on him to suddenly be an only child after 45+ years. But he is really a strong man so I'm sure he's doing ok. Then again, I think about how he and my mother are starting to turn silver and I'm reminded of how little time we really have with loved ones... And it kind of starts all over again... But I digress, I try to be a very positive person because life is only as good as you make it. Did you hear that? Life is only as good as you make it... Stay strong and believe that they are in a better place. It's hard, but it will get better if you keep the faith...

(I have lost many family and close friends, life is precious so treasure every minute you have with those you love... And at the risk of sounding overly religious... Just remember that God is very good no matter how tough things seem to get.)

My heart goes out to you who have lost someone so close. xo

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