So many miles, why didn't I call you more mom

by Catrina

She was given a short time for congestive heart failure, and it was the diabetes that took her. I'm told it was peaceful. Her sugars dropped to low, she fell into a coma, and her heart stopped. She is in California, I'm in florida. Neither one of us were big phone people, so neither of us called each other on a regular basis. But I knew she didn't have much time, but I didn't call all the time, I should have called more, told her I loved her every day. Now she is gone, and I can't call her again. The day she passed, I planned on calling her, but I forgot. The three hour time difference didn't help. Because when I thought to call at 9 am, is't 6 am there, and she was a night owl, and slept late in the mornings, so I would wait, then I would forget. Get busy doing yard work, cleaning the house, dealing with a lice infestation on my son's head. I got busy, but what is a half hour out of the day? I was too busy for my mother. Now she is gone......I am glad I did get to travel home and see her before christmas. Give her a hug, and give her gifts. I did get to say goodbye because we did have a moment 4 weeks before she passed where the Dr's didn't think she was going to make the week through. But she was fighter and turned it around.

I just hope she knows that lack of phone calls wasn't because I didn't love her....

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Jul 24, 2013
Why Didn't I Call
by: Regina

Dear friend.... For various reasons we neglect the things we SHOULD have done. For me it was the call I didn't make the day my son took his life. I will forever blame myself for the call I didn't make and maybe saved his life. Your mom knows, as my son does now, that we regret the call we never made. They are with God and all things are known to them now. Except our tears of regret. May He give you peace with this as he has me.

Mar 25, 2011
Why didn`t I call..
by: Tony

I lived with my Mom and still have regrets of some things I should have, could have done or said. When I watched my Mom die in hospice care here at home I prayed the Our Father and Hail Mary. When I pray tonight will include you and your Mom, too. hugs, Tony

Mar 25, 2011
she knows of your love
by: Kay

My darling, your mother knows how much you loved her.. us mums feel it deep in our hearts it never goes away once we become parents our children never leave our hearts we have a special connection...just because of a few missed phone calls, I can tell you that your mums love or your love for her didnt change. I lost my wonderful son last year and I know without a doubt how much he loved me and I him....Never doubt it darling...your mother knows....You are a loving caring person..and I am thinking of you with love and send you healing. Take care, Kay

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