so sorry you too lost your child

by Colleen

his final resting place

his final resting place

I know all much all you mothers are suffering, when you finally lay downto rest, you again think of the child you lost and tears flow when you close your eyes. You want to believe so badly they are in a better place but you want to see them, agin, say things you wish you could. Look at their face and hug them....your life is different now and you would give anything to have them back in your life. The emptness is so unbearable, you will never be the same..Unless someone has lost a child they don't know how much you are still suffering. It doesn't matter if your child was newborn or a grown adult, the pain is such a constant..I had someone tell me because it has benn 390 days since my son died, I am crying for myself now, because he is home, I wish it was that simple, but it is not. Every day I try to be ok for my husband and other boys, but I am not ok and I just want to be with my son and have this suffering to stop. Things go ok for awhile and then your heart sinks agin and nothing really seems to matter anymore.This website helps sometimes but sometimes it brings me to tears to hear your stories of grief and loss and AO TRULY SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS AND WILL PRAY FOR SOME PEACE AND COMFORT FOR YOU.
So now it is late andI will close my eyes and try to remember everything I can but each day seems to be harder somehow.....This is a tragedy now of us will ever get over.
I am sending you love and hugs.
We live in Utah, drove to California to put flowers and his grave last monday, first time we saw his name on his grave, that makes it pretty final
To lose your child is to lose your soul

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Jul 11, 2012
by: kay

I am so sorry to hear of your loss,I feel every word you have said....I could have written your post myself.The only people who truely understand how we feel are the parents who have lost a child.I know a part of me died with my has been 2 years ....its not any better.I hate night time...I cry longing to hold my son as you do.just know you are in my thoughts and I send you

Jun 05, 2012
Feeling Your Pain
by: Rose

I am a mother who has lost an adult child last year. The pain doesn't lessen-it just seems more bearable some days. I do not believe we are grieving for outselves-I believe we are grieving for all those who have lost a child and who are suffereing. To feel such pain takes great strength and courage-and faith. Faith in a God who loves and cherishes each of His children-and all of His children. I pray every day for strength and courage to help my other children and my son-in-law with the babies my daughter left behind..I will always try to keep her memory alive for them, she deserves that, she was a wonderful mother and wife.


Jun 05, 2012
Crying for yourself
by: Lue, Jacob's mom

Dear Colleen,
I am so sorry you lost your child, John. You aren't crying for yourself. If you were you would just move on. No, you are heartbroken. You have a right to cry as often as you get a chance to. Don't let people tell you how you are feeling. They are not going through this awful journey, you are. If I sound alittle angry I am not, I am just saying people don't know how you feel and they should just say they are sorry and be willing to listen. My son has been gone 11 years and I still cry sometimes, angry once in a while, a sadness stays with me all the time. A piece of my life is missing. I have been able to have joy again which I didn't think would be possible. I laugh and have joined the human race I guess you call it, but the truth is I will never be complete until I see him again. In the meantime I have family on the earth that needs me so I am trying to be there for them.
I will pray for you Colleen. I hope you have comfort in knowing that we care about you.
Lue, Jacob's mom

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