So the strangest thing happened last night...

by Lyn Ann
(Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

The strangest thing happened last night. Like many of you, I haven’t dreamt of my husband Jim at all since he died a little less than 2 months ago. So 5:30AM this morning I’m sleeping, dreaming some usual sort of dream, when all of a sudden Jim’s loud voice interrupts my dream! I hear, quite loudly “ Hallo!! Lyn Ann, are you there?” It was so loud my eyes flew open and I sat bolt upright. I was sure I heard it – with my ears, not just in my head. It was loud – but not urgent or alarming - it was just the sort of thing he would call out from the basement when he wanted me to come downstairs to help him find something.

I sat for awhile - didn’t hear anything else, so I got up and walked around making sure our son and the house was OK. I went back to bed – no more voices so I went to sleep.

So all day I was thinking about this – trying to figure out what this was. And then in the shower this afternoon it finally hit me…

Two nights ago I was reading blogs on this site. And I read a blog about someone wanting to see a sign from their husband… and someone else replied saying that if they looked carefully, and paid attention, they would see one….

So that same night – two nights ago - I prayed and asked for a sign. Anything, anything at all – just a sign that Jim was somehow, somewhere around, never far away, watching out for me. And then I went to sleep - and forgot about it by morning.

Then last night I heard his voice. Maybe I’m going crazy, or it was just my brain playing tricks. But I truly think that my prayer was answered and he sent me a little message.

So keep looking for the signs…
Lyn Ann

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Jan 18, 2011
So the strangest thing......
by: M Mack

This is for Lyn Ann's comment. I agree that not all the signs are warm and fuzzy and I think she's right in saying they are that way because we have to let go. If they were wonderful, loving and cozy, we'd want them more each day to return. Some of my signs are in regards to what made him unhappy at times, nothing to do with us.

The picture of the building that came up out of nowhere on my i-phone was a horrible place to work and Ray hated it there. when the Itune song came on it was nice yet the last sign, the itune popped up it was really about a sad circumstance.

The few dreams I had....he didn't look too happy. In fact, he never even spoke to me. Nothing really that wonderful now that I think about it. Regardless, it's from him and I still smile when it happens knowing we had a wonderful love outside of all the crazy things going on around us.

Jan 18, 2011
Shining Star
by: Cindy

Just a few days before my husband passed away, two months ago, had e-mailed me from across the room and told me I was his shining star. Since he has passed away, I will see a star shining while I am sitting in the living room or see a sparkle somewhere on the floor. I know that he is in my presence, telling me how very much he loves me. We were married almost 35 wonderful years and I miss him so very much! Keep looking for signs, I do believe they are still in our presences... God allowed us to still have part of them, even if we would just love to have their arms around us. He was my whole life!

Jan 17, 2011
Please share your stories

I would like to know that I am not crazy, just crazy with grief. These little "things" that I notice happening. Mainly the broken front door bell that seems to ring when I am so very sad and lonely. But there are other things that I think we can be receptive to IF we open our minds and do not allow logic to rule at all times.

Please I ask for you all to share such stories as it makes me feel "normal" and though there may be a logical explanation...I would like to hear them all the same.


Jan 16, 2011
Strangest thing .....
by: M Mack

To all of those looking for a sign:

I have been getting signs for 5 months since Ray died. If I told you what they were, you'd all think I was nuts. I don't tell anyone about the signs but I know one thing- they are from him and he's trying to communicate with me. I still can't believe he's gone forever.

My I-phone popped up with a picture on it the other day while I was driving home from work. I didn't look at it right away and when I got to a stop light I put my glasses on to see what it was. I saw a picture of the street a few buildings from where he worked. You know when you map quest an address and then can look further into the site at the actual building?

Well I can tell you I NEVER typed in that address, NEVER even looked it up. I sometimes dropped him off there but I can't understand why it came up on it's own. Before he died, he asked me to find a song on the phone. I completely forgot about it after we listened to it that day. That song came on my phone out of nowhere when I was reading my emails. There has been many more things so don't give up.

The ones that are gone really do miss us in some way, or maybe they just want us to know they love us and are still around. Either way it brings a smile for me when it happens and I know he wants me to go on knowing he still loves me.

I'm sure you are all getting little messages, just need to recognize them. Peace and hope for us all.
M Mack

Jan 16, 2011
Thanks to all
by: Lyn Ann

Hi Jules, Judith, Julie, Hope, Pat - thanks for all of your comments. As I read them all I realized something that all of these stories have in common...

when I prayed for a "sign" I figured that it would be some warm and fuzzy thing that would be wonderful and feel like Jim was here close by me and comforting.

My sign was not like that. And neither were most of yours. We all got signs - but they weren't the wonderful comforting connections that maybe we were hoping for.

So I suppose that is the way it needs to be. If it was warm and fuzzy and inviting we would never want to let go... never be able to let go. But as hard as it is, I guess we have to let go. And all of our loved ones are helping us do that.

Thanks to all - and God Bless. Lyn Ann

Jan 16, 2011
so the strangest thing
by: jules

Hi to you all today - (I am in Australia - so my daytime is your nightime - I think) it is so fantastic that your loved ones have contacted you in some way - even the smallest thing, like turning off the computer screen.

I don't get very many signs from my darling, but my children and grandchildren do, and small coincidences keep happening - like one of my grandsons got his grandads fishing line, which he treasures, then I bought him a watch the other day, and he was rapt because it was the same brand as the fishing rod - he feels this is a sign from his grandad.

Many years ago my mother died from the complications of alzheimers. For the five years almost while she had the disease, she was confused, not knowing anyone, saying silly things, doing silly things. Eventually her brain started to stop giving out messages, until it forgot to tell her how to breath. Unfortunately I was estranged from my family at this time for various reasons.

In a lucid moment early on in the disease, she had decided that she should donate her body to science, for research into alzheimers, and this she did. There was a memorial service for her, but no funeral as such, her ashes would be returned to the family within five years.

But within a month of her passing, I was being woken up in the night, hearing her calling my name, very clearly, followed by a lot of gobblydegook(garbled words) - this went on day and night for a long time, til I was exhausted from lack of sleep. I told my husband what was happening, and he thought I needed some help, so I went to a clairvoyant that I knew, and she helped me get in touch with my mother, and assure her that it was all okay, she needn't worry. She also taught me how to close myself down, so I wouldn't be open at all times to "whatever", this whole process opened me up to a spiritual world, where I discovered I could connect with some who had passed over, also in past life regression I discovered the reasons for some of my actions in life, and some of my phobias, which have all helped me in my life.

I haven't been very receptive over the past 14 months, but am starting to feel more receptive now, but I know how to close myself down, but also see what is happening around me with other people, and hopefully help them.

I don't tell many people of this part of me, as a lot of people don't understand, but I am sharing this with you, so you can see sometimes where I am coming from - I am not a "religious" person, but I am a "spiritual" person. My belief system may not be the same as yours, but I do believe we can be contacted by loved ones who have passed over, sometimes in the strangest ways, my husband pats the bed some nights as I am trying to go to sleep, as if to comfort me.

one step, one breath
take care

Jan 16, 2011
wish it were me
by: Judith

I'm glad you had that moment of help.
Every night I write in my journal to my husband to please come see me in my dreams.

I finally did... we were in our old house and having a party he was walking around and visiting with guests. A lot of commotion and house noise going on and I told him I had to go (strange) but as I was leaving I noticed he wasn't coming with me and when I looked back he was in a picture posed with his face looking as he was on the day he died and his eyes blinked inside that picture I asked him if he was coming with me and he said NO and resumed his place in the picture. It hurt because it sounded so final. I know it sounds strange but I guess I had to face the fact I'd be going on alone without him and I woke up crying as I am now.

I wish I could be so lucky to feel his presence . I do still talk to him and kiss his picture both morning and night.

Jan 16, 2011
Dream Messages
by: Julie

I believe it was a sign. About a week ago just about two months after my Mom died, I hadn't dreamt of her either and I so wanted to know if I was doing the right thing with my Dad, just a sign from my Mother. In an early morning dream I dialed a phone, I don't know who I was calling, but my Mother answered, she "Hello", I answered, "Hello", she said "Yes", I said "Mom"? she said "Yes". I said "Who Is this"? and she was gone. I think is was my Mom telling me everything was ok. I am glad you heard from Jim and I heard from Mommy. Take care

Jan 16, 2011
Mrs. Holt (still)
by: Anonymous

That is Wonderfulhim! I love that story. I too have been praying that I dream of my Love. Dreams do not come to me easily. I think that it is because I had such awful (recurring) ones before he died- about emergency rooms and me being a nurse, unjustly put in jail and that sort of thing.

So since he died just over a year ago I have asked and prayed for a dream of him, one where it is like we were once long ago. The Old Paul before he had his stoke before this whole nightmare started. And I have not had one yet.

Yet last night I drempt that he was coming from Georgia or South Carolina where his family is.
And even though I was working in a kitchen of some sort, I asked him do you want me to drive?
and he said no. This makes no sense as dreams often don't. But he never let me drive on long trips. He drove the whole 10 hours for some reason.

I can only hope that he will come to me in my dreams so that I can smile if only for a moment in sleep.

Jan 16, 2011
Please God Just A Sign
by: PatJ

Lyn Ann~
I think it might have been my blog~I have praying daily for God to allow my husband to give me a sign that he is OK since he left me 6 weeks ago. I was still waiting.

I actually let Satan bring me doubt that my husband is OK. My friend told me to purchase and read the book Talking to Heaven. I'm 1/2 way through it and I've come to realize that I have been getting little signs. I wanted a big sign like what you got. I sell items on EBAY for extra money. My husband hated it when I listed things because the whole process takes up so much time. He wanted my undivided attention. After checking my bank balance and realizing how bad things were I thought I better get busy, grief or no grief. The entire morning the computer screen kept going blank. I'm staying with my sister for financial reasons so I was using her computer. I asked her if she had ever had problems with the screen. She said, "I just bought that flat screen five months ago. I use it every day. I've never had a problem." My brother-in-law (an electrician) checked all the wiring and said everything was fine. I've use the computer daily and never had a problem other than that one time. I started listing things again yesterday. Same thing. The computer screen kept going completely black. I believe my husband is telling me, "There she goes with that damn Ebay again"!!

After reading the Talking to Heaven book I now know that my husband is sending me little signs. I just didn't know what I was looking for.
God's blessings to you.

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