so wise ,such a wonderful mentor,my only true friend i will always miss you

by angela

the pain of being left behind although a family of five siblings including one adopted younger than myself in that i am the true youngest of the family .they too have abandoned me i was the primary caregiver to my mother for over 15 years and no other family member chose to show up or care about the well being of their mother But ! the day she passed they couldn't of got into her finances faster they didn't even wait till she was in the ground before going to banks and deposit boxes then the adopted one shuts me out two days after mom died by insisting on the keys to her house
it is now two months later and still no ability to enter and grieve properly my mom . the involvement of other family members two are in different country's so that is understandable but even they have been shod by the adopted one that only leaves one other sister who is a buttering her bread on the side of the adopted one in hopes to cash in '
Such evil and with no love or grace in any degree as to the loss
My mother was a very wise and loving ,creative ,giving athough misunderstood by many
her life although full of misgivings by evil doers she still mustered up the courage to be generous to the degree of even adopting a child without ,so that she could give her all she could ,now that child chooses to grab and take all she can and on top of that disreguard any other family member and what their feelings might be too
I am beside myself with hurt !
i loved my mom so much she was my best friend ,my comforter ,my teacher and my true mother.

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Aug 02, 2013
so wise, such a wonderful mentor, my only true friend i will always miss you
by: Doreen U.K.

Angela I feel so very upset to hear that your adopted sister has confiscated your mom's computer and all the papers. She has no right to do this. I am glad you are doing something about this. Please don't give up. This sister is wrong and should be held accountable.
God does expect us to CONFRONT WRONG. We are not to tolerate wrong behaviour. We are to Challenge this. Not to bury our heads in the sand and just put up with anything that is wrong.
I Challenged my sister and She got nasty. I resolved some of my issues with her face to face but not enough to have a relationship with her. I have done my part to confront wrong. I can do nothing more due to her having Power of Attorney. But I also believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and it is Him that will Vindicate You and Me whilst we have to live with such sorrow over what has happened to us. I have seen God do many miracles on my behalf when I did it HIS Way. But this does not mean we have to be quiet and do nothing. There are many problems God expects us to resolve by confrontation. When we can do nothing more we have to then leave the rest up to God since he has the all seeing eye. Read the book of Psalms in the Bible. You can get comfort here just when you think evildoers are winning God will come and bring justice. Ask for God's protection over your computer, your mom's papers. and for God to put a hedge of protection around you and all your goods and that God will give you back what has been stolen from you. Then TRUST GOD to look after you and your interests. Keep living a life of Integrity. You will see your mom again in eternity. Live with this Hope each day. May God go with You and Bless you and Heal you from your Grief and sorrow.

Aug 01, 2013
Thank you
by: Angela

Thank you both for your responses, it does give me strength to know that I am not alone and that there are heart felt people still
I am seeking professional help but my true council is Jesus Christ so I am praying a lot !
But I am deeply hurt as well there was one other thing my mother and I together over the past four years or so were compiling her whitings a into a book (a Opus Maximus”) is what it is called meaning lifetime work) “my mothers life work a “Christian Writer” I was the assistant in putting her work into the computer and my mom would sit beside me and correct her work with me ,I did this daily.. and on the day I gave the keys over and the adopted one has kept and confiscated the paper’s and computer with all that work on it !
And refuses to give it over even for organizing I am Devastated!!by that!
As well as she is not of the same faith or understanding of creative process she claims that mums work” will be archived for eternity” she quoted
So Grace from her, no compassion!

I have to realize I have to find something to console this hurt
I am .fortunate that I am my mothers daughter and I too am creative so I have to get to that! And bury my pain

Aug 01, 2013
so wise, such a wonderful mentor, my only true friend i will always miss you
by: Doreen U.K.

Angela it occurred to me that you may be able to take action against your siblings. Get authorities on your side.
If your mother had given you Power of Attorney then they couldn't do anything. If nothing was put in place then those siblings of yours could be held accountable the only thing is you would have to prove it.
It is not so easy to go into another person's bank account without proof of identity and the permission of the account holder. I don't know how they could have done this?
You need to open up to someone and let them know what is happening. Don't suffer in isolation.
You shouldn't have given the keys to your mom's home to your adopted daughter. If there was some way of you getting into the house you could change the locks and then take it from there. What is happening is that they are all using control over you and bullying you. DON'T LET THEM DO IT. When you start speaking up for yourself and put them in their place as your mom's sole caregiver they will have to back off. If you keep quiet they will bully you more.
Because my younger sister chose to rush to get Power of Attorney over our Dad's Assets there is nothing we can do. We would be seen as the bitter siblings.
But I believe in God and God cannot condone such greed, lies, and sinful behaviour.
Money will soon run out. Your siblings will have to live as being dishonest people. But if there is a possibility to get professional help then DO IT!!!
If your mom had a house to sell they could take it all without the Law on your side. You just need support and someone on your side to act on your behalf. I wish you all the best with this and hope to hear from you about what is happening now.

Jul 31, 2013
so wise, such a wonderful mentor, my only true friend I will always miss you
by: Doreen U.K.

Angela I am sorry for the pain you are in and for this hurt that is crushing you.
When someone dies this is the time you find out the true character of those left.
My husband was dying of cancer and I was caring for him so couldn't take care of my Dad. 5 girls and one brother. 2 sisters live overseas. 3 live in England. The youngest sister took on our Dad's care whilst I cared for my husband dying of cancer. The other sister living nearby was shut out and not given any recognition. The youngest sister rushed to get Power of Attorney which she should have given a copy of to each sister and brother out of respect.
I asked my youngest sister what our father's Assetts were. I Challenged her here that this lack of including her siblings would create mistrust and a HIDDEN AGENDA. She was like a volcano that erupted. She sold our Dad's apartment and gave us all a small sum saying wasn't it good of me to do this. I reminded her this was Dad's money. She had Power of Attorney but she didn't have OWNERSHIP. She sends me nasty emails saying this is the last time she is giving any sibling any money "YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT." She told me if I want to know our Dad's Assetts I can get a solicitor knowing it would cost me money.
She has attached strings to our Dad's money. She won't give our brother any money because he can't visit our Dad and he is living in another country and it would cost him a Plane fare. She is so unreasonable. The remainder of our Dad's money she has put in her sole bank account for 5yrs. to get more interest then she is moving. So this says it all. Who is going to remember is 5 yrs. She should be held accountable. My husband died 14 months ago. He would be shocked about what is happening. I am grieving and shouldn't have to fight a battle. We are all walking away from our younger sister as if she doesn't exist. This is how we feel. The only way we can cope with our hurt is to walk away. I have no fight left in me. You are not alone here. But I don't know how you can resolve your problem with out good support and it seems as if there are more family members against you. This will make it hard for you to mount a battle. But do what you can if you are able to take on this Challenge. Please write back with an update.

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