some one who can walk?

by dena
(amarilo tx)

I have had been with the man i love ten years. I have parkinsons he was with me through finding out to cutting all my hair off for deep brain stimulation. Every night he told me how much he loved me. Then one weekend he told me i needed to leave he found someone on the net. I was blown away. Its only been a month he calls tells me he loves me and wants to take care of me then he doesn't return my calls . By the way the girl dumped him. I had a perfect life to me just don't understand. He is making my car payments insurance and phone. I know there is always someone else who has it worse but i hurt so bad. Nights are the worse.

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Sep 08, 2012
by: dena

Thank u so much for your thoughts. I had surgery on my foot yesterday he had said he would help with deposit at surgery center but he didn't. I am finally mad. I deserve so much better. I wrote him a letter ask him to be honest is it because i have parkinsons i just want an answer i deserve that much. But no more phone calls i told him. This is what he wanted so be it he gave up someone who loved him endless for someone who can walk, so be it, he wins! But i won more ME

Sep 06, 2012
some one who can walk?
by: Doreen U.K.

Dena don't compare yourself to anyone else thinking they have it worse. Everyone is entitled to respect to tell their story and have this validated. What you are going through is shocking. This man evidently has a desire for more than one woman. But to actually have the ordacity to insult you by telling you that he loves you and to find someone else is humiliating to say the least. He asked you to LEAVE. This is not a loving way to behave. Let him carry on making your car payments if he wants to. But don't feel guilty into letting him do what he wants. He will strip you of all your self esteem and you will end up with worse problems. Perhaps your illness with Parkinsons is causing him problems. But he has a choice to accept this or to let you go in a dignified way. Not like this. Most people think they have a perfect life and then someone comes along and disaster strikes and then our worlds are turned upside down. Unless you are able to talk to him and get an honest answer you won't be able to move forward. This man told you to leave so I take it you are living somewhere else? you need to stay where you are. You cannot keep going back and forth when it pleases this man. You need STABILITY in your life and you are not getting this now. I hope that you have some family or friends who can support you through this ordeal. You may benefit from counselling. My son actually went into counselling because his wife thought he needed this. She is the one looking after her EX boyfriend and who told my son to leave HER HOUSE. She did this 5 times. My son went back each time saying he loved her. She loves the EX more and makes comparisons. All 3 go out together. I guess this is the modern way. As my son says EX's do stay in touch, as the internet says so. I am from a generation that does not accept this type of behviour.
There has to be boundaries in a relationship that says what you are willing and not willing to accept. Many of us on this site have lost our husbands and know full well that the nights are horrible. We don't have a CHOICE. But you DO. I hope that you will eventually be able to make the RIGHT CHOICE for yourself. That you won't allow anyone to treat you like their doormat. I hope that you will eventually be able to make a decision that will help you to move forward into a healthier life that will also take into consideration your illness and the difficulties for you around this debilitating illness. This is stress that you don't need. Best wishes

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