Son Been taken from his mother and never given back!!!!!!

by Sally Root

i wrote a story last night about my son i think i didnt put enough in and i would now like to write the real truth behind people who stole my Baby! Im sally Root My sons name is christopher Barton! I am so angry with my so called family who tricked me to make me look like a liar whitch im not!!!!!! i met this guy when i was sixteen had my daughter Caroline at the age of 16. I had an awful marriage he beat me though me down stairs when i was carrying my son he use to really horrible things to me! In fact my mum was washing my hair once and she saw the bruises on my back she told my dad and my dad went looking for him but never found him we divorced in 1979 a couple of months after having my beautiful boy! then came the problems started wile i was living in london my ex husband went to my mum and brother and said if you take the children of ove me i will pay you and wasnt quite sure that my mum and dad took the money but my brother and sisterinlaw took it!!!!!!.......... christopher was 18 months old and cally was 3 and a half my mum said she would look after caroline and my so cauld brother and wife said they would look after my son until i was sorted out legally and got somewhere closer to live it took about 6 months My mum and dad said i can see my daughter and they said to start with that it was all right to see him then it started to get harder and harder they said when i turned up he,s not well or he,s gone to see her family then my solister we had a trial date for me so i can get them back i was sent to the hi courts i can even remember the name of the judge he said that i couldnt have my children co i was an acoholic which my husband said and i was unfit mother i was so distrait anyway the story is my son dosant wanna know me because he says he never grew up with his sister so i now fell alone cos he wont let me near him he doesant like me and this really isnt my fault my daughter loves me she is in my life we have a lovley relasonship and i have 2 lovley grandsons my son allso is married a lovley girl has had 2 sons he has and i fell as though he passed but still living can somebody tell me what to do i never stop thinking about him all i see is when i had him and i see him looking at me we had that bond so why wont he be apart of my life

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