Songs to share about my sweet Aaron

I am going to rewrite this as I (out of my grief) wrote this in the wrong place the other day. I told my story a week ago the day before my sweet Aaron's 32nd birthday. First of all, my heart goes out to each and everyone of you. We have all lost so very much. I am not exclusive in this as we ALL have lost our precious children. Aaron was cremated and a very very close member of our family has his ashes. I am not wanting to scatter them or even see them, nor am I even ready to look at any pictures. It's just too too painful. But what I am able to do is listen to music. It's tough, but I still do it. I would like to share some of these songs that mean something to me and to my son's memory. When Aaron was born, the first song I sang to him was an old John Denver song "Sunshine on My Shoulder" (makes me happy!) Aaron made me happy. The next song was Baby O' Mine from the movie "Dumbo". I took Aaron to see this movie when he was abot 5 or so. Allison Krause does a beautiful rendition of this and she was one of Aaron's favorites singers. The third one was a very favorite of Aaron's. The song "Southern Girl" by Amos Lee was played at his memorial. We are from the south, so it was fitting that we played this and Amos Lee was one of Aaron's favorite singers. Last but not least, is a song I found on YouTube. Patty Griffin's song "Goodbye" is beautiful. I can promise you, that it will bring you to your knees, but sometimes in all this crazy grief, I do fall to my knees and just wail, and wail. This is the very lowest point of my life. I just know that I'm not alone.

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Feb 06, 2013
those songs, for your dearf sweet Aaron
by: Nevas mom

I know, I have songs bout my Neva that bring me to my knees too, Arms of the angels is one of them, as about 5 months before she was murder she said mom, when I die I want the arms of the angels played at my funeral, I said oh Neva don,t say that to me, As if she knew, so that was the song that was played, other songs too, I also everyday go by the chair she used to sit in when she visited me, and pat her on the head like shes still their, Like I used to do, pat her on the head three times that means I love you, Not ready to give up the fact that shes passed on yet, maybe Ill never be, Don,t want to, Oh how know what you mean. and I hurts, It just plain hurts, Indescribable pain, that only a mother that lost and older child could know, I really DO understand, this pain... so sorry dear..
Luv you, Nevas Momma a few posts down,

Luv you Neva,s momma

Feb 05, 2013
by: Colin Baker

All the feeling you describe ring so true to my wife and I, we lost our son Aaron 2 years ago who wold 30 this year. I don't know if what I about to say may help you but here goes.

While I hate having to feel like this I know it is out of my control so given this I when I think about it I am glad I still do feel like as it makes feel he is close and I am not forgetting him... Hope you something from this..

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