Sophie with the wiggie tail

by Alan Brown

Well we have to go back to September 2 2013 my Brother in law raised beagles,well their was one that would not use her back legs and johney my Brother in law was going to put her down. Well my wife (johney's sister) said NO! I want her (sophie). Well I was at work. Well when I arrived home that night my wife was holding a little bundle and this little puppie was so cute she was the runt of the liter. She had ear down to the ground with bloodshot eyes zig zag down her back and little white star on the back of her head. I tell you she was so beautiful. And we named her Sophie Rae. She had her own Personality and she was so funny the things she wound do,and you would say to her wiggie,wiggie,wiggie and the more you said this the harder she would wag her tail.The hurt is so bad I think about her every moment she was my little girl and I loved her so very much. She went with us everyplace we went she went with us everywhere we went. She even went to my fathers funeral. I could not go to the bathroom with out her coming in with me. We were very close I guess to close for it is so very hard to get over her loose I loved that little Beagle so very much.I will never get over her I have more to tell about Sophie Rae

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Nov 01, 2013
Beautiful Sophie
by: Diane

I'm so glad you gave this beautiful puppy love and comfort when no one else wanted her. She sounds amazing and I'm sure she truly loved you both so much. She is at peace now, although it's YOUR heart that is broken and hurting so bad right now.I wish I could help you with advise on how to heal, but all I can do is tell you how very sorry I am for your great loss, and to pray for you to find peace.Bless you for caring so much, please take care of yourself. RIP beautiful Sophie, that wiggie tail will go again when you greet your family at the Rainbow Bridge!

Oct 31, 2013
Our Pets Are Part Of Our Family
by: Becky

I truly understand your loss of Sophie. My Bailey died 2 years ago on Aug. 30, 2011, and I still grieve for him. The hurt is there now without all the tears. I cried solid for about a year then I was able to control the tears. Bailey died 6 weeks before his sweet 16th birthday. They say you only connect with one pet in your life time, well Bailey was mine. I just recently lost my Mother, Aug. 1, 2013. The tears have started again. I take comfort in knowing that they are in heaven together, and that they both have a little bit of me in heaven with them. My Mother has Bailey (who I loved like a child) and my Bailey has my Mother. I know that I will see them both again some day.
Learning to channel your grief will help. My Bailey is buried outside our bedroom window underneath a shade tree. I have two wind chimes in the tree, and when I hear them I like to think that Bailey is thinking about me. I also had a laser engraved stone with his picture and a poem on it made for him. I enjoy crafts so I make doggy wreaths for Bailey. I made a beautiful saddle wreath for my Mother's grave for the fall, and I will be making her one for Christmas.

I know there is no words that will take away the pain, but time will help ease it. Sophie will always be with you because she is forever in your heart. God spelled backwards is dog; I love this!
I will be praying for you.

Oct 31, 2013
Sophie with the wiggie tail
by: Doreen UK

Alan I am sorry for your loss of Sophie. When you lose a pet it is the worst pain ever. There is always a good connection between pet and owner and you bond with them making it harder when we lose them. This is the harshest price you pay for loving a pet. Just think of the love and attention you lavished on her. She will have left this world in a happier way for the care you gave her. She is not suffering. It is our suffering that lasts a long time. When you are going through this pain of grief it feels as if it will last forever and you won't ever get over it. But You Will. I have been this route many a time. My connection is with birds and I have had a love bird die in my hands whilst I loved him to death. I have lost many birds due to flying out of the cage when cleaning and every time I have been heartbroken. I know how painful it is to love a pet. It is a different relationship from people. I just have to look at a pet and my heart melts. When they die my heart breaks into a thousand pieces. When you recover from grief try and find another pet to carry on this cycle of giving and receiving love. The rewards will outweigh the losses. Why deprive others of love because our hearts are broken. WE must do what we can to mend our broken hearts and one way is by giving another pet a home. Take one day at a time and you will find living with grief easier.

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