by Linda
(Tucumcari, NM)

I had a lynx siamese named Sophocles. He would sit on my lap for an hour at a time, purr and tread on my legs. He was awnry in that he would always try to knock over my drink so I would have to hold on to the drink the whole time he sat in my lap. He went outside about a month ago, and never returned. I miss him so much, because he was such a love bug! I cry all the time because I miss him! It's always my favorite kitty that disappears.

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Oct 03, 2012
Thoughts of Linda and her little cat
by: Linn

Linda, It is so sad to hear of the loss of your cat. I know from experience because I have lost so many on this life's journey. I cannot see a stray cat and know that they are hungry and not feed them. Many people can just look the other way and not feel sad about this. You are not one of those and nor am I, so we will grieve when they are no longer there. My most recent loss was a sweet little cat that I loved so much. He was killed by two dogs and his name was little Sweetie. I have also loved cats that just disappeared after coming up to be fed daily. I think that is worse than knowing what happened to them. Not very long ago I had two beautiful, gentle gray cats that I was feeding and they both disappeared the same time. Cats as long as they are able will come back to the same place daily and if they don't it usually means that something happened to them. You might try putting out flyers with the cats description and see if someone spots him. There is now a black cat that I have grown so fond of and I want so much to bring her inside, but when I have tried, she has a fit and wants back outside. If we love Linda we will be hurt. Sometimes cats do come back, and I hope that is the case with your cat. If not I hope that you will make the choice to keep loving no matter what. Let us know how the story turns out. May God richly bless you during this time.

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