Sorrow Heart

by Cesar Torres
(Phoenix, Az U.S.A)

Just last thursday I found out that my dog of only 8 months old was surrendered to the Maricopa County Animal Care center two weeks before I was informed. My mother was takig care of Princess and had tried multiple times before to take her to the pound without informing me. However, last thursday I was fixing my car at her house and I noticed that my dog had not barked since I got there, I went to look for her and she was gone. I immediatly called my mother and asked for Princess and what she said tore my heart out of my chest. She said that she had called the dog pound to come and pick her up because she was tired of Princess biting her Palm Tree. I couldn't explain my thoughts at that moment I put my car back together and headed to the dog pound. When I arrived I informed the receptionist about my situation. She found Princess on the computer and said "Uh Oh" I asked her what happen? what is it? she said that Princess was put to sleep the day after they picked her up. I said thank you and walked out on my way home I just couldn't believe what had just happened. I was devastated, I asked myself why would someone turn a dog in because of some plants, why would they be so heartless knowing what they where going to do to her. I havn't spoke with my mother since. To make matters worse I also had a ferret (Shikis), had her for three years and just yesterday she went missing I had her on the balcony and she usually will sleep inside the closet when she was outside but i think someone must of grabbed her or she must of fallen. I looked everywhere and found plenty of stray cats around but not sign of any debry of her she was very firendly and knew plenty of tricks. I have continued my search and have posted flyers but no one has called. I will continue my search till I Find her. I miss Princess and Shikis and I will never forget those good memories we cherished.

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May 12, 2012
Oh dear Cesar!
by: Geoffrey Campbell

How incredibly sad, I have loved my animal companions as much as my own soul, so when I read your letter I wept, and felt anguish, sadness and thought, how could anyone be so heartless? The thought that the dog was alone in its final moments makes my tears fall easily, and I am reminded of a famous quote: "Cruelty to all innocents-whether they be children or animals-is morally equivalent to the cruelty inflicted on Christ Himself." Dear Cesar, though we are to forgive those who wound us, the murder of your dog who trusted in you, calls to heaven for judgment, and your Mother needs to ask God for forgiveness for her incredible lack of compassion. I would still love your Mother, but give her some time to think about what she has done, and send her a letter, written politely, with love, but to let her know that what she did was extremely cruel, to you and to your companion. I will pray for you. God bless you, dear Cesar, for He loves you, He loves your dog, and yes, God loves your Mother, but God Himself is wounded by every act of cruelty, to any innocent and defenseless creature. Sincerely your friend from Pennsylvania, US of A.

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