soso g

by AR Rehman

The first time i looked at her i was like just ooh wa0 ,she came into my class she came into my life... i knew at that moment that she was something else , she was different... and as days passed by and i continue to see her i decided to talk to her... the first time i talked to her and when ever i talked to her , I in-front of her pretended being fully confident and cool but the truth is that i my heart beat was always at maximum even when i saw her... one day she gave me her number and we continued to talk on mobile... I tried to make her mine i wanted to somehow tell her that i love her but i couldn't do so .. i was afraid of rejection , so i decided to make her jealous so that she will fall in love with me.. I made a gf and used to talk about her with the one i love , that plan kinda worked she was feeling jealous and i knew at that moment she did had feelings for me she did love me.. she cares about me..!! then... i asked her whether she loved me or not in fun.. she said she didn't love me and i was sad and disappointed but still i didn't gave up lose or hope... One day i decided to tell her about my feelings and i did... I said to her that i love u i wanna b wid u , Ur my life my soul ur my s0so g i said many things at that point to tell her that how much i love her but she replied that i don't love you and i don't want you 2 b in a fantasy... at that point all was lost 4 m3..!! i thought that i can never gain her , she doesn't love me... my heart was broken.. I didn't eat anything for 3 days and she knew about this... then on the fourth day she admitted that she had very strong feelings for me but still didn't admit that she loved me she was shy and insecure that may be i was playing some game may b i don't really love her but little did she no that i love her like no one can love any one..!!! So , she confessed that she loved me and everything v r were happy together... i didn't care about anything else in the world then her and txting i always used 2 talk to her just cox i couldn't stay away from her... i was in love with her deeply and madly..!! One day a fellow friend of both of us called her mom and said bad things to her and about her daughter as well as me..!! her mom got furious and she yelled at her daughter.. she told me this .. she said that I'm leaving you and i will never come back ever..!! i said... sorry... i begged and even cried that don't please don't leave me but she left... i tried to contact her on facebook , her emails , and even on her new number but she ignored me... it was 21 July 2011 the day she left me and we were together for 4 years...!! i can't get over her i won't get over her... I always have and always will love her till and after my death..!! but the thing i can't understand is that she left me c0z she had to but after that she never contacted me and even ignored me... i just want her to comeback to me i can do anything for her..!! Soso g...Mote g..

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