SOUL CONNECTION: for my soul flame beyond, only love is real and eternal

by Alyssa Ana Browning
(Sacramento, California)

Two halves separated by Divine,
Two souls bound together by fate
Two hearts slashed apart before time exists
In a place no one achieves until
Ultimate love and death co-exist.

What once was bound is now rendered apart
And they know nothing
Separated and scattered to the ends of the earth
They search endlessly, meaninglessly, and know
Not what for.

All they know is a deep yearning for the feeling
Of home.
Love bears no meaning until their eyes lock again,
And their hearts become one and their souls
Enclapsed forever.
Two sets of lips touch tentatively
They embrace.

Their bodies become entwined and now they are one
Never to be released from the desperate bond that
Connects and adheres their souls.
Their bodies entwined in the most intimate kiss
A lover can give.
But they are more than just lovers.

They have known all their lives
But never met until this day
And yet they know that in coming
Home to soul connection
They will one day be apart again.
Their love transcends all time, space, and meaning.

The soul connection has been made
And two hearts made whole into one
Spirit and soul.
Their bodies ephemeral but a vessel
Through which they love and give comfort,
For they are one body.

The blood which runs through his veins
Runs through hers.
Connected, love knows no boundaries.
Soul connection has been made.

I dedicate this poem to celebrate the life of Heath Ledger and to honor him for teaching me that we, all life, every living and breathing entity is precious and connected all to each other. If we could all realize how connected we all are and how loved we all are, there would finally be peace on this planet.

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Jun 19, 2011
Soul Connection
by: M Mack

What a beautiful poem and so true when it comes to soulmates. Some of us were fortunate enough to have found that love of a lifetime and when know it. Love like this changes one forever, and when the 2 halves separate, the heart and soul of both people live on. The survivor suffers, sadness can be overwhelming. The one that was taken from us quietly watches and waits, unable to provide words of comfort, heartfelt hugs telling us it will be ok. I so often look for signs, somehow I know he is here. That's what you feel....if you are a soulmate. Have faith that one day, you will be together again, just be patient. Whoever you are, you loved him and it was real. Prayers and light for all of us grieving the loss of our soulmates. God grant us the strength we need we need to go through this long road of grief.

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