Soulmates or Best Freinds or both?

by No one can know
(Texas USA)

Love is a wonderful thing

Love is a wonderful thing

I met my true love in high school. It was true love at first sight! We dated in high school and she was 17 and I was 19 when we got married. We both was from divorced and remarried parents with step brothers and sisters. Our agreement was to wait before we were to have children of our own as a fail safe that our marriage would work and our children not go thru what we did growing up. For 6yrs we did a lot of fun things and enjoyed life I mean we were just kids! Well after 6yrs we had a child and it changed our lives. After a year went by my wife left and my son. My life was destroyed and it took several years to recover. There is a lot to my story so I have to keep it breif and short. I ended up with custody of my son and she ended up with one ruin relationship and have children of her own. We both ended remarrying with different spouses. Now because both of our new spouses were aware of my and my first wifes relationship and funny part is her spouse was jealous of me and my spouse jealous of her! Needless to say my child never had much contact with his mother most of his youth. The whole time me and my first wife never really talked for 17yrs over all and my second wife always told me she wish I was happy and I could love her like I did my first wife. I could not express my feelings at all I just felt I only existed. Deep down besides the pain I still had I still had love but all locked away. I ended up with divorcing my second wife due to we were just more like friends the a married couple. My child turned 21 and it hit me something within myself opened up and I was hit with mixed emotions.In the mean time during my problems in my second marriage my first wife was struggling in hers. At time of posting she is still currently married and I am single and been in the dating scene trying to find my best friend and true love but I could not find what I was seeking. All of a sudden something advised me to text my first wife and so me sticking my neck out there on the chopping block and trying not to start more drama I texted her. She called me and it touched my heart. We have to be real careful due to her jealous and controlling husband so she not has more issues than what she is already dealing with. I explained to her that I wanted us to be friends (something we never could do while we both were married to our current spouses) To make a long story short we now are talking on a regular bases and we both cry and laugh with each other. I feel the happiness again that I have not felt of the last 20yrs and she is feeling the same way. I feel and told her that all the pieces of the puzzle will come together to create the big picture. I have now reconnected with her side of the family and it seems like the past 20yrs never existed. I feel the true love and I know now she is my soul mate but only time will tell what comes out of all this but we are both happier than even when we were married when we were kids. Soon we will meet for the first time in many years and I am scared but yet excited and she feels same I am sure. It is amazing how this relationship is going and turning out.I know that we will now always be best friends and if we are meant together so be it if not we will still be friends and will have that special love for each other. I feel in my heart that we both will be happy regardless till our end of days upon this earth. Thank you for reading this I hope for the best for everyone.

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Mar 04, 2013
UPDATE: 6 Months later
by: Anonymous

Well things went really well for a while and then all of the sudden she went back to her husband due to him being so controlling and I have yet heard from her in over 4 months. I have figured that if it is meant to be it is. I know now she is still my soul mate and that I will just go on with my life and see what happens from there. So the bottom line is that if you have a dream dont give up regardless the out come. Yes I still love her deep in my heart.

May 31, 2012
Up date 1 month later
by: Anonymous

Well it has been a month now and me and my 1st wife have spent about 2 weeks together and at first I thought this was only a fantasy thing and it would not last. Well we now talk and text on a daily bases and things are going well. I had to step back a little because we both have much work to do before we can work on our relationship. My pain of loss for her is now gone that I delt with for the past 20yrs and we both know that we should have never parted to begin with because of the unconditional love we have for each other. We both know that we will know get to grow old with each other and I cant believe this has happen to me and her and us. Both sides of our family are pleased this is happening and they knew we have a great deal of love for each other and we are meant to be. I will try to get my life partner to comment on here to get her side of the story for those of you that have read this post. I am greatful I found this wonderful website and to the web host I thank you.

May 07, 2012
Update 2 weeks after 1st post
by: Anonymous aurthor

Well we did meet and it was the first time in 4 years we have seen each other. I have never seen her so happy and smiling the whole time of our visit. We hugged each other several times and each time the feeling of passion grew. We talk almost everyday and it seems like we picked up right where we left off. I have both admitted we love each other and that we were meant to be. I feel in my heart that we will and up together and be able to share the rest of our lives together. I now believe in fate and destiny and I will love her more than ever and i feel in my heart this will be possible. We get along great and have bonded now more than ever and so if people dont think this can happen well it can. Soul mates are rare but do exist and I will remarry her is the times arises and I will say my own vows to her to show her the true love I have for her and film the wedding and post so people can see how much I love this woman I want the world to see. The true fairy tale of soulmates and 2 people that are truely in love with each other. If by chance if best friend are reading this you know I love you,always have and always will.

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