Still coping

by angie

In the late summer (aug) of 98 I lost my grandmother who lived within 2 miles from my house, it was an everyday thing to ride my bike over and see my grandparents. Two and a half weeks later i lost my uncle to cancer needless to say at this point the losses were starting to drag on my mind and heart.

3 day later my grandfather (husband of earlier loss) passed away. I then went to two funerals in 3 days. I was in college at that time and trying to come to terms with all this loss and was going to partys and raising hell to cope.

In the next month we lost two friends of the family which i had known quite well and I am pretty sure I went into I don't care mode and started to really amp up the drinking.

4 day before thanksgiving my last grandparent (grandmother) had a stroke and passed away. At that point I can say I was completely in a fog of pain and loss. I wanted to end my life because i just wasn't coping with that much loss in such a short time. thankfully I had good friends and myself because in the end i put my life and myself first.

to make the year complete our dog was hit by a car and killed on christmas day.

This was the worst 5 months of my life and as we all do we go on because thats what we need to do but I think I still have not recovered from it.

I may not have recovered from it till this day but I can say I have fought for my life and my happiness. And in the end we lose people we love and we can grieve for those people but at some point you have to let go because none of the people we have lost would want us to live in pain. As much as it hurts life really does goe on.

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Dec 18, 2012
Still Coping
by: Doreen U.K.

Angie I am sorry for all the people you have lost in your life in 5 months and for the loss of your dog also. You have had to cope with so much loss that you may benefit from speaking to a grief counsellor, so that you can grieve each loss well. We go through life and have to cope with so much. But there are times when it is all too much and we just feel like stopping the world and getting off. Life can be overwhelming with so much sorrow. There is no shame in needing support from skilled counsellors to help us COPE. We are only human, and shouldn't be hard on ourselves when life becomes difficult. I lost my husband to cancer 7 months ago and I too am finding life difficult to move forward. I don't know how long it will take for us to be able to enjoy our time and space on this earth. we have so much to cope with in life, but when you lose so many people in a short space of time, it will take you longer to get over it. Coping is something we just do automatically. Just make sure that you get enough rest and the support you need from friends as this does make a difference to life. I hope that you have the support you need to help you move forware and that you will be happy again,.

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